Below Deck: Captain Lee Reveals Bravo’s Lame Excuse For Dumping Him

Below Deck: Captain Lee Reveals Bravo's Lame Excuse For Dumping Him

Below Deck Season 10 saw Captain Lee Rosbach for the last time. Recall, it was the season when he left the vessel and Captian Sandy Yawn arrived to take over. Now that the ax fell, he opened up about the reasons that Bravo gave him for dumping him on the dock. Actually, it sounded very lame and fans are really upset with the franchise.

Below Deck Season 10 Revealed Sandy Yawn Took Over From Captain Lee

When Captain Sandy Yawn was announced as replacing Captain Lee in Season 10, some fans were not thrilled. On Twitter, users began complaining about the decision, with many stating that Sandy was unpopular. Actually, one of the few people who celebrated the occasion was her partner, Leah Shafer. Still, he promised to return once his health improved. But now the franchise actually axed him, and his fans feel utterly shocked.

Below Deck fans saw that Captain Lee Rosbach made a sensible decision. At the time, he felt that he wasn’t well enough to keep the vessel and the crew safe. So, he left temporarily. In his absence, Captain Sandy Yawn fired one of his crew members. Although he might have also fired Camille Lamb, he was upset that Sandy didn’t call him up to discuss it first. Actually, the term for it is basic courtesy. Anyway, he’s gone and Sandy isn’t and fans are bewildered.

Below Deck: Captain Lee Rosbach Explains A Lame Firing Excuse

Speaking with US Weekly, it seemed that Lee really didn’t expect that he would be beached from the show. In fact, he described it as coming “right out of left field,” adding. “I did not see that one coming at all.” Well, he certainly isn’t alone and plenty of fans felt very shocked to hear the news. Is it because of ill health? The sad news is that it probably had nothing to do with that. After all, he made a responsible decision.

Below Deck Captain Lee Reveals Bravo Lame Excuse For Dumping Him
US Weekly / YouTube

Below Deck star Captian Lee did well on the show, and as a seafaring veteran, he probably isn’t totally broke. So, he might not need to dig out a wooden leg, a stuffed parrot, and a begging bowl and hit the sidewalk. Still, he probably misses the show because he did tell Christina Garibaldi that if they needed him back on the show, “Yeah, I’d go back.” And, plenty of fans want that to happen. Why was he fired? Well, here’s the lame excuse: [it’s] a cliche that everybody uses when they find themselves in that situation where they’re going to let somebody go. ‘I’m going to move in a new direction. We want to freshen it up a little.”

Bravo Fans Won’t Watch Without Him?

Below Deck fans who watched the interview on YouTube seem to feel shocked and disgusted that Bravo dropped their favorite caption. Here’s what some of them said about it:

@lisaedwardsikonahomesireal8219: I want Capt Lee back asap–I wont watch without him on the series.

@mobaycomama7957: Why would they let Captain Lee go? He’s the heart of the show. That’s insanity.

@soundrabertarelli7017:Captain Lee is definitely Below Deck! His show is absolutely the best. I always look forward to the new season with him!!! 😢 I won’t be watching without him.

@YvetteFrost: I love Captain Lee and am very sad that they let him go. I hope they realize their mistake and actually i would not have wanted to talk to Sandy either and she should have reached out to him She is very extra.”

What are your thoughts about Bravo’s excuse to dump the popular captain? Do you think it was lame? Sound off in the comments below.

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