Duggar Fans Suspect Marital Troubles Between Jinger Duggar And Her Husband Jeremy Vuolo In New Pic

Duggar Fans Suspect Marital Troubles Between Jinger Duggar And Her Husband Jeremy Vuolo In New Pic

Jinger Duggar, again with the marital troubles? The 29-year-old reality tv star recently shared some pictures that she took with her husband during the weekend while attending the wedding of a friend.

However, the photos sent signals to her fans that her marriage might be in trouble. The surprising part is that the signal hints that Jinger’s husband Jeremy Vuolo needs to be rescued from Jinger.

Jinger Duggar — How Fans Concluded That There’s Trouble In Jinger’s Marriage

In the photos that were shared by Jinger on her Instagram, Jinger donned on a beautiful silk pink dress while Jeremy sported a black tuxedo. They posed in different styles to take the shots and most of the styles had the couple cuddled up on each other.

Anyway, of all the pictures taken, one stood off, and it was a picture that features Jeremy standing away from Jinger and looking elsewhere while Jinger tries to draw his attention to the camera by pulling him to her.

Fans jumped to the conclusion that something is wrong in the couple’s marriage and took the picture to Reddit. There, the picture was analyzed by other Reddit Users and it was speculated that all is not well in that marriage.

Someone said that Jeremy, “Has eyes only for the camera. He’s not even looking at his wife.” Another said, “Jinger is so clingy and attention-seeking. She’s almost 30 and acting like an insecure high school girl.”

A third suddenly asked what was in their minds, “Think everything’s okay with their marriage? I feel like his eyes are screaming help.”

Jinger Duggar — Jinger’s Previous Divorce Rumors

News of trouble in the marriage of Jinger and Jeremy began April last month, after a picture of Jinger having a dark eye from what seemed like a blow from Jeremy, made rounds. The picture sparked reactions to the extent that speculation of Jeremy being an abusive husband was launched.

To further buttress the point of impending doom in their marriage, a get-together picture posted by Jinger on her Instagram that same month featured her without her engagement or marriage ring.

In that particular picture that sparked divorce rumors, Jinger was holding up her 11-month-old nephew Truett and smiling face front into the camera, and showing clearly for all to see, is her bare hands which had no ring on.

Due to the rumors, the couple decided to clear the air in a Q&A session held that same month on their YouTube channel.

Duggar Fans Suspect Marital Troubles Between Jinger Duggar And Her Husband Jeremy Vuolo In New Pic

In the Q&A, Jeremy read out the query of a fan about their impending divorce— a question which left Jinger giggling like a schoolgirl. Jeremy took it upon himself to answer, “I don’t think – we’re not getting divorced.”

His response came with an affectionate pat on Jinger’s knee, prompting her to add, “Don’t worry, we’re not,” and to touch Jeremy’s arm in the same affectionate manner.

They both revealed that as much as it didn’t look like it, Jinger was actually wearing her wedding band but because camera reverses, it wasn’t spotted. They further explained that silence doesn’t always mean a breakup. Jinger then said, “We’re fine. We’re great. We love being with each other.”

They also broached the topic of the black eye saying, “That’s where it first started, the marriage problems questions,” before Jinger explained that it could be the result of a shadow from the light.

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