Fans Notice Weird Behavior From Jinger Vuolo and Suspect Separation from Husband

Fans Notice Weird Behavior From Jinger Vuolo and Suspect Separation from Husband

Duggar Family News reveals that as Jinger Vuolo continues to promote her book, she has shown some very strange behaviors. There have been rumors swirling that she and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo were on the outs and that they were separated. Of course, the two of them tried to put these rumors to rest as they talked to their fans about it on social media, a few weeks ago. Now it looks as if fans still think that something is going on between them and they have started to point it out in the last photos of them together.

The New Photos Show Some Insecurities

This past weekend, Jinger and Jeremy went to see some old friends. They attended a wedding and of course, had to get some great photos together. The photos were really concerning to their fans though. Jinger wore a very pretty pink, silky dress and Jeremy wore a black tux in the pictures.

They shared some cuddling photos and then there was one photo that struck a nerve with some fans. In this picture, Jeremy was standing on the other side of a tree and Jinger was holding his arm. She is smiling and looking at him, but his body is turned away from her and he wasn’t even looking at her, he looked at the camera. It looked as if Jinger was trying to pull him closer to her, but he wasn’t having it.

Of course, this picture had to get shared on Reddit and fans were quick to chime in on what they thought was going on there. These fans know that Jinger and Jeremy have talked openly about how their marriage is fine, but this picture says otherwise.

Fans Notice Weird Behavior From Jinger Vuolo and Suspect Separation from Husband

Fans React

One Redditor wrote, “He has eyes only for the camera. He’s not even looking at his wife.” Another added, “Jinger is so clingy and attention-seeking. She’s almost 30 and acting like an insecure high school girl.” One more chimed in, “Think everything’s okay with their marriage? I feel like his eyes are screaming for help.” The rumors of their split came when Jinger was out and about visiting her family. In most of the pictures of her, she was not wearing her wedding ring. She told her fans that she always wears it and they were probably just looking at the photo turned in the opposite way.

As of right now, Jeremy and Jinger are still together and according to them, going strong. We will have to keep an eye on them to see what happens next.

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