Has Little People Big World Alum Audrey Roloff Lost Her Mind?

Has Little People Big World Alum Audrey Roloff Lost Her Mind?

Little People Big World (LPBW) fans seem to think that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff don’t parent their three children properly. Mind you, parenting is not easy. Most people make their way through life worrying at some stage or other if they do the right things for their kids. This week, some critics are stressing about the children, Ember, Bode, and Radley.

Little People Big World: Audrey Roloff & Jeremy Take Heat

Jeremy Roloff used to be one of the most popular people on the TLC show. However, his girlfriend at the time, Audrey, didn’t sit well with viewers. Anyway, they married and left the show. These days, they seem to make considerable income from social media. So, those who don’t like their parenting style have plenty of time to sling some mud at them. Recently, Jeremy’s been taking heat for floating alternative health ideas. But this week both of them found critics.

Little People Big World fans think that beneath the happy appearance, which they believe is put on to sell their Marriage Journal, things are not happy with the duo. In fact, folks have noticed the odd criticism from Audrey about Jeremy. And recently when he shared about the dangers of social media for kids, some folks felt he was sending Audrey a message. Still, that didn’t stop him from posting about the kids the next day.

Little People Big World: Critics Think Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Lose It

Jeremy posted on his Instagram Stories about building a good life. Plus, he shared more on his main profile page. In the posts, the family were near the trestle at the bottom of the farm. There, the kids and their dad played in the water. It was very muddy so, Redditor u/Inner_Bench_8641 screenshot it and shared it on the r/LittlePeopleBigWorld subreddit.

Little People Big World Critics Wonder If Audrey Roloff Lost Her MInd
Jeremy Roloff – Instagram Via u/Inner_Bench_8641 / Reddit

The Little People Big World critic said in the caption, “Auj & Jer patting themselves on the back with multiple posts many children and their toddler splashing in stagnant, standing water and getting stuck in knee-deep mud – are they flipping crazy???”

For once, there were not all that many snarkers who agreed that playing in the mud is a bad thing. That seems unusual, but lots of people who grew up in rural areas don’t see a problem with it. So, no, not everyone thinks that Ausrey lost her mind by allowing the kids to splash in the muddy river.

Comments That Were In Favor

One Little People Big World fan who sees nothing wrong with muddy play said, “Omg some of my best memories as a kid [were] in these exact situations. 🥰”

Another person asked, “What’s the big deal? I’m sure they’ll give them showers before bed…”

More followed and one commenter said, “This is how they vaccinate their kids. It’s mother nature’s vaccine.”

Here’s another comment: “This is typical country kid stuff. I grew up all my life like this and never had a problem.”

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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