Is Jon Gosselin Pushing His Twins, Mady And Cara Away from Him?

Is Jon Gosselin Pushing His Twins, Mady And Cara Away from Him?

Jon Gosselin and his wife Kate were on TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus 8 for years. However, it was very toxic and what later emerged seemed horrible. It turned out that his ex-wife landed up with custody of most of the kids. If you can recall, Mady and Cara were the twins and they started college in 2019. Between them and the sextuplets, only two kids have anything to do with their dad: Collin and Hannah. Now, folks wonder if Jon’s desperation to reunite with the other kids is simply pushing away the twins.

Jon Gosselin Went Public About The Kids After TLC Gag Order

For a long time, TLC fans heard very little about the former TV star. Apparently, he was under some sort of gag order with TLC. Once it ended, he started appearing on podcasts and increasingly, he talks with the media. As he very seldom had anything to do with Aaden, Joel, Alexis, Leah, and the twins, it became apparent that Kate probably influenced the kids a lot. Anyway, he mainly talks about how he hopes the kids will reach out to him. And yet, they don’t seem to be keen on re-engaging after all these years.

Jon Gosselin seems proud of Colin and Hannah and he attended their high school graduation. However, he clearly wasn’t invited to the graduation of Aaden, Joel, Alexis, and Leah. With the sextuplets turning 19 and graduating, he really hopes that he might establish some sort of relationship with them. But really, it seems that he’s a bit of a stranger to them these days. Apparently, he last spoke with the sextuplets seven years ago. And it’s been even longer with the twins.

Jon Gosselin Pushes Mady & Cara Away From Him?

Over the weekend, the former reality TV star spoke with The Sun about the twins. This time, he confirmed that it’s been “nine years” since they last communicated. Allegedly, they don’t reply to his messages. So, he said, “Sadly I am not attending Mady and Cara’s college graduations.” Well, the twins are now 22 years old and they are able to pick and choose who they want to interact with. When Katie Joy from Without A Crystal Ball raised the subject on Instagram, she suspected that talking with the media about them probably doesn’t make them want to get close to him.

Is Jon Gosselin Pushing His Twins Mady And Cara Away from Him
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Imagine being a child of Jon Gosselin at College. No longer a kid, how happy would be if you woke up to hear that your dad talked about you in a big tabloid? Wouldn’t you feel a bit cringe on campus? Katie noted, “He is consistently in the tabloids giving interviews about his children and his estrangement to them.” Then, she asked, “Is this really a strategy that is working for Jon?” Well, it seems not, and commenters think he went about it the wrong way.

Followers Comment

Speaking about Jon Gosselin, one follower opined, “Both parents are fully in the wrong. I think Kate alienated them to begin with and he has reacted in a way that further distances them. Kate is power hungry and controlling and Jon is selfish and entitled. I feel so bad for these kids.”

Another follower also talked about sadness. They wrote, “It is really hard to deal with family conflict. It makes me very sad to hear this. I don’t know enough about the situation to judge or to take sides. I just have empathy for all parties involved.”

What are your thoughts? Do, you think that the twins’ dad is simply pushing them even further away by continuously discussing them with the media? Sound off in the comments below.

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