James Duggar Kicked Out Of Family Home?

James Duggar Kicked Out Of Family Home?

The Counting On spoilers reveals that James Duggar was possibly kicked out of his family home. His fans found a clue amid his travels. James recently went on a cruise, which had his social media followers noticing something strange.

James Duggar has fans concerned about him. This week, the Counting On Spoilers suggests that he might have been kicked out of the family home, which could be the reason why he’s been traveling so much. James took to his Instagram Story to share a photo of the cloudy skies from the view of his room on his Carnival Cruise.

James is the 13th child of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. Fans have a feeling that his famous parents kicked him out. They took to Reddit to speculate on his Instagram Story. They noticed an unnerving clue that didn’t go over well with them. One fan asked, “Did James get kicked out of the big house or something?”

Counting On Spoilers: James Duggar Kicked Out?

The Reddit user argued that he was on a “continuous ‘vacation'” for much of this year. Other fans took to the thread to share their thoughts. Some wonder if Jim Bob wants to keep James Duggar out of the house as much as possible and is paying him to travel. Other fans think they’re willing to let James go since he’s an adult son and he’s free to do whatever he wants as a single man.

Of course, that’s not the case with their daughters. Their oldest daughter, Jana, still helps out with the family even though she has her own apartment. They’ve been wanting her free from the family. However, fans couldn’t help but notice how differently they treat Jana from James.

James Duggar Kicked Out Of Family Home?

Spending Time With Jana & Jason Duggar

The Counting Spoilers reveal that James Duggar is spending time with Jana and Jason Duggar on the cruise. Like James, Jana also loves to travel. She’s shared some of her adventures on social media. Fans found out that they’re on a cruise for Logan Smith and Lindsay Haight’s wedding.

One person took their Instagram Stories to share a group photo. The post reads, “It was a fun week at sea. The wedding cruise was crazy lol. Best wishes to the bride and groom.” Some fans called the “fundie cruise” their own personal hell. It doesn’t look like James Duggar got kicked out of his parent’s home. He’s still a big part of the family.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that James Duggar got kicked out of Jim Bob and Michelle’s home? Or, do you think he just loves to travel? Sound off below in the comment section. Check back for more news and updates on Counting On.

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