Jana Duggar Breaks More Rules, Leaves Her Parents’ Home Alone

Duggar Family News reveals that fans were shocked to see that Jana Duggar was leaving her parents’ home all alone…again. During Mother’s Day, she actually took off to Los Angeles to go spend time with her sister, Jinger Vuolo. Fans were happy to see that she got away from Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, but they weren’t sure that she should bail on her own mother during Mother’s Day. Nonetheless, it looks as if Jana is doing it again! That’s right! She has gone on yet another trip without her parents.

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The Newest Trip For Jana

It looks as if Jana, along with her brothers, James and Jason Duggar all went on a cruise for a wedding. The wedding was for Logan Smith and Lindsay Haight’s wedding and it looks as if the Duggars wanted to share just how much fun they had. James took to Instagram to share a group photo and captioned it, “It was a fun week at sea! The wedding cruise was crazy! Lots of laughs. Best wishes to the bride and groom.” James also shared photos of the view from the cruise ship and of course, he got a lot of questions about what his parents would think about this cruise.

While Jim Bob and Michelle raised their children, they always told them that going to major cities or out of the country was not safe and filled with sin. Therefore, their children were always banned to go anywhere that wasn’t approved by them. Now it looks as if most of their children are rebelling against that rules altogether. Jinger is living in a major city and James and Jana took European vacations a few months ago. Now it looks as if these three Duggars are breaking all the rules by going on a cruise.

Fans React

As soon as fans saw this post, they were quick to react. One fan wrote, “Imagine Jana finding out you get seasick once you step outside!” Another wrote, “Do we think Jana wore shorts during the wedding? Or did she wear pants?” One more chimed in, “Her brothers need Jana to be there to keep them in check.” There were a lot of comments about how these fans thought Jana was doing great by traveling the world all alone now.

Jana has always been incredibly loyal to her parents no matter what. It turns out that she may be trying to find her way in the world without them having to be part of it.

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