Jana Duggar Flees Family Home?

Jana Duggar Flees Family Home?

According to the Counting On spoilers, Jana Duggar flees the family home. Fans are shocked to find her in a new place. This comes amid the constant question as to where Jana lives. Keep on reading to learn more.

Counting On Spoilers: Jana Duggar Breaks Free From Family

The Counting On spoilers suggests that Jana Duggar broke free from her family. She left their Arkansas home and broke one of their strict rules. Jana joined her siblings James and Jason on a cruise. They were there for a friend’s wedding.

Jeremy shared one of the photos on Instagram. The group photo shows the men and women hanging within close vicinity of one another. They sat and laid down on the deck in matching Hawaiian shirts and leis. Jana Duggar was somewhere in that group photo.

“It was a fun week at sea,” the Instagram post read. “The wedding cruise was crazy lol. Best wishes to the bride and groom.”

It sounds like it was a wild wedding. The attendees looked like they had a great time. Counting On fans were surprised to learn that Jana Duggar was invited in the first place. Most assumed that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar didn’t allow her out of the house, let alone to another state. They were shocked that she was allowed to cruise and party with people of the opposite sex.

James revealed that they sailed on the Carnival Cruise. He shared many photos of the clear blue skies and the crystal blue ocean waters. This trip is shocking considering Jim Bob and Michelle have strict rules for their daughters. Jana is treated differently from her brothers. The famous family didn’t allow their kid to visit other places while growing up.

Jana Duggar Flees Family Home?

Counting On Spoilers: Did Jana Duggar Break the Rules?

The Counting On spoilers hints that Jana Duggar has become a rule-breaker. One fan shared a screenshot of Jeremy’s Instagram post on Reddit. Other fans took to the thread to react. Most of them believe that Jana is finally becoming her own person.

Others wondered what Jana wore during the trip. It was hard to tell in the group photo, especially since it was blurry. Fans wanted to know if Jana wore a long skirt or pants. There were also some who wondered if she was allowed to interact with the guys during the trip.

Jana Duggar loves to document her travels on Instagram. Counting On fans have wondered who pays for her trips since she doesn’t have a steady source of income. There have been whispers that Jim Bob foots the bill. What are your thoughts on Jana fleeing the family home? Sound off below in the comment section.

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