Little People Big World: What’s Wrong With Amy Roloff?

Little People Big World spoilers reveal Amy Roloff is having a tough time right now.  The TLC star took to social media and revealed that she has been sick and shared a photo of herself appearing exhausted and ill.  What exactly is wrong with Amy Roloff?

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Little People Big World fans know that Amy Roloff is always on the move, she is a busy body on the Roloff Family reality show, at the pumpkin farm, and on her social media accounts.  But, a lot of fans forget that the LPBW cast member is 60 years old.  So, her immune system most likely isn’t what it used to be.

Amy Roloff Reveals Illness On Social Media

Amy Roloff took to social media and revealed to her massive legion of followers, “I’m down and out today not feeling great – meaning I’ve been sick (flu?) last night into today. I don’t have time for this.”  Matt Roloff’s ex-wife went on to say that she has been pounding water and is “all about keeping the fluids up whether I’m in the mood for it or not.”

And, we all know exactly what Amy Roloff means.  When you are sick or come down with the flu, the last thing you want to do is eat or drink anything.  But, staying hydrated is crucial when you are sick, especially taking in to consideration her age.

It sounds like Amy Roloff’s illness is nothing serious though, and it will only be a matter of time before she is back up on her feet and running around with her husband Chris Marek and playing with her adorable grandbabies.

Little People Big World Star On The Mend

Unlike Matt Roloff, Amy has always taken her health very seriously and over the years has even opened up to fans about her “healthy choices” and making a conscious effort to get up and get some exercise in every day.  If anyone can bounce back from the flu, it’s Amy Roloff.

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