LPBW: Tori Drops Five Photos of Jackson Roloff On Graduation Day

LPBW: Tori Drops Five Photos of Jackson Roloff On Graduation Day

Jackson Roloff, possibly the top favorite Little People Big World star had a proud day last week as he graduated his kindergarten class. All dressed up with his graduation cap and gown he looked proud as Punch and majorly adorable. His mom, Tori shared the photos to celebrate the big milestone in her six-year-old son’s life.

Jackson Roloff Is A Go-Getter & LPBW Fans Adore Him

Like it or not, the short stature and bowed legs that Zach and Tori’s eldest son lives with must be a bit of a challenge. Well, he really doesn’t let that get in the way of his mission to live his life to the full. Tori never misses an opportunity to showcase him and his achievements to her fans. Not that long ago, she shared that he loves to build things with his Lego set.  Actually, when he started kindergarten, he seemed excited because he heard that he might be able to play with Legos in class.

Jackson Roloff also started to play soccer against average-sized kids when he entered kindergarten. Actually, he discovered his differences in one game, when the other team gathered around to ask him why he was so small. The Little People Big World mom told him not to worry about it because God made him that way. So, off he went, encouraged, and managed to score a goal! Naturally, his mom was delighted. And, fans cheered the little guy on. This week, she shared more adorable photos of him graduating.

Jackson Roloff Experiences His Graduation Day

On May 26, Tori took to her Instagram and shared five photos of her son on graduation day. In her caption, she said, “SO proud of our little graduate!! .” Then she told her son how much she liked his growth and how much he learned over the last year. Finally, she noted, “You rocked it tonight! Watch out 1st grade!”

LPBW Tori Drops Five Photos of Jackson Roloff On Graduation Day
Tori Roloff / Instagram (5)

Tori started off her photos with pictures of her clever son standing with his whole family, Lilah, Zach, his mom, and Josiah.

Tori Roloff with Her son

Jackson Roloff looked extremely happy when his mom sat him on her knee for a special cuddle on his special day.

TLC Jackson Roloff

As you can see in the picture above, even the teacher couldn’t help but smile at the little TLC star as he went on the stage to collect his certificate of graduation.

TLC Fans Comment On The Graduation Photos

Fans of Jackson Roloff really liked the photo of him posing for a photo by himself as the kids lined up for their awards.

Celebrating Jackson

One follower said in the comments, “Cutest kid on the internet!! ❤️❤️❤️.” But it was the last black-and-white one that most fans liked the most. They loved the way he smiled so proudly. One fan said, “The last picture says it all! He’s very proud of himself .”

Another fan of the cute kid wrote, “I just can’t look at this wonderful guy without smiling! Every picture is beautiful but the last one…❤️❤️❤️.”

Little People Big World Kids

What do you think of the five photos that Tori dropped showing Jackson on his graduation day? Shout out in the comments below.

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