Mama June: Family Crisis – Anna ‘Chickadee’ Cardwell Health Update

Mama June: Family Crisis - Anna 'Chickadee' Cardwell Health Update

Mama June: Family Crisis fans heard ahead of the new season, that Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell had been diagnosed with cancer. The mom of Kaitlyn and Kylee had not been close to her mom, June Shannon but it looks like they are closer since Anna’s diagnosis of cancer. This week, she took to her Instagram and shared a health update.

Mama June: Family Crisis – Shannon & Anna Cardwell

June Shannon’s daughter Anna has got a fight ahead of her with her diagnosis of stage 4 adrenal carcinoma. Not surprisingly, her mom reached out and they seem to be in a better place these days. Having been estranged for years, you won’t find many photos of Shannon on Anna’s Instagram. Apparently, since Rehab, Shannon did try and reconcile, but the illness accelerated the process.

Mama June fans who know their history, understand that Shannon and Chickadee, took a turn for the worse when Mark McDaniel, was part of the family. He was accused of molesting Chickadee. Ever since then, the relationship between the two women was very rocky. So, fans seem happy that out of bad news, something good has happened now that they made up their differences.

Mama June Shannon’s Daughter Anna Gives Health Update

On May 10, Anna took to Instagram and shared a goofy photo. But it was her caption that caught the eyes of WETV fans. In it, she said, “Well going on to round 3 of chemo.” Then she talked about how “yesterday,” she had a “pretty good day.” Additionally, while she’s not completely mended, she is feeling optimistic. She added, “over all (sic) it’s going good and chemo is working we come to find so things are looking good 😇😁😁🙏.”

Mama Family Crisis Anna 'Chickadee' Cardwell Health Update
Anna Cardwell / Instagram

Mama June: Family Crisis fans turned out in the comments to send in their loving thoughts and encouragement. One of them wrote, “Good to hear girl. I’m stage 4 colon cancer and in remission 3 yrs later after surgery & chemo.”

Actually, there seem to be a lot of people who talk about their own fight with cancer, which seems like a shame. Certainly, it’s a scary time and not to be trifled with. Another follower said, “There are a whole lot of people out here wishing you the very best.”

What Is Adrenal Cancer?

Mama June fans might not be sure what kind of cancer Anna Cardwell fights. According to The Mayo Clinic, it affects the adrenal glands on top of the kidneys. They are vital for helping the body function correctly. The website notes, “When adrenal cancer is found early, there is a chance for cure. But if the cancer has spread to areas beyond the adrenal glands, [a] cure becomes less likely. Treatment can be used to delay progression or recurrence.”

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