Mama June Fans Think Alana Thompson Should Dump Dralin Before College

Mama June Fans Think Alana Thompson Should Dump Dralin Before College

Mama June: Family Crisis is currently airing on WETV. Interestingly, the first teasers didn’t show Alana Thompson’s boyfriend Dralin Carswell. However, he’s very much part of her future for now. So much so, that spoilers suggest he’ll tag along when she goes to college. Well, fans of the show feel that she should dump him while she focuses on her education.

Mama June: Family Crisis – Alana Thompson Is Set On A New Career

June Shannon’s youngest daughter, Alana, has ambitious plans to pursue a career and attend college. However, some people are worried about her getting caught up with her much older boyfriend, Dralin. Recall, recent reports indicate that he was involved in a police chase, allegedly driving with Alana in a vehicle with an unregistered firearm and marijuana. Given these developments, people worry that he may have a negative influence. Therefore, many people believe that she should dump him before college starts.

Mama June fans know that Alana’s mom seems reluctant to say where she will attend college. Mind you, her school isn’t so security conscious and her plans were outlined on Facebook. Apparently, she will go to “GMC for now.” ( Georgia Military College?) Then, apparently, she’s going to attend Regis University in Colorado to study neonatal nursing. The facility offers in-house accommodation, but spoilers reveal that Dralin wants to go with her. Notably, not to study, so perhaps they will live in an apartment.

Mama June – Dralin Carswell & Alana At College?

Redditors discussed the idea of Dralin going along with Alana when she starts college. However, they think it’s the worst possible idea. After all, when she gets there and discovers there are lots of smart and nice young men in college, she might wish she had dumped him before she went to college. But, it’s not so easy to do that when the person is right in your face. Additionally, she’s still not even 18 yet, and WETV viewers feel that she’s way too young to commit to one man just yet.

Mama June Fans Think Alana Thompson Should Dump Dralin Before College
Wilkinson County High School / Facebook


Perhaps if he was also attending the college, that might be a different story. But, he doesn’t plan on doing that. Presumably, he will just be there to make sure he doesn’t lose her to some other guy. Some Mama June viewers feel that Alana should rather be free to live on campus, make new friends, and study in an environment that makes it easy for her. Some critics reason that she will regret missing out on the best part of college: the social life and fun times.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you think that the Mama June star is making a big mistake by having Dralin hanging around while she starts her new experience at college? Why do you think he wants to be there? Is this going to end in tears? Let us know in the comments below.

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