Mama June Spoilers: Alana Thompson Graduates High School and Family Is Over The Moon

Mama June Spoilers: Alana Thompson Graduates High School and Family Is Over The Moon

Mama June spoilers reveal that Alana Thompson has graduated high school and her family couldn’t be more excited about it. She graduated this weekend from her high school in Georgia and most of her family and friends were there to cheer her on. Her mother, Mama June Shannon was thrilled to be part of it all. June ended up sharing a video of Alana’s graduation on social media and in it, fans could hear the screams of her family members.

The Happy Graduation Video

When June shared the graduation video, fans watched as Alana received her diploma. This was such a proud day for June and her daughter, Pumpkin Efird. Pumpkin actually adopted Alana after June left her for a man, drugs, and alcohol.

However, June is trying her best to get back into Alana’s life and be a better mother to her. As the video goes on, fans could hear Pumpkin shouting “Lana” in the background as Alana walked across the stage to receive her diploma. She was seen wearing her yellow graduation gown at Wilkinson County High School in McIntyre, Georgia.

June told fans, “I’m so proud of her. She is our 2023 graduate and yes we was hollering the whole time WTG LANA! And y’all know I screamed ‘work it smoochie’ one last time.” Fans who followed Alana’s journey on Toddlers and Tiaras know that June would also scream that during the pageants as Alana would walk across the stage.

Mama June Spoilers: Alana Thompson Graduates High School and Family Is Over The Moon

The Happiness For Alana

As Alana has grown, she has pretty much been on television her entire life. As a small child, she was on Toddlers and Tiaras and competing in pageants pretty much her entire life. When her sister adopted her, all she wanted was to show her unconditional love and help her to grow into a good human. When Pumpkin shared that Alana had graduated, she shared some moments of them together on social media. She captioned these moments, “Amazed at how much you’ve grown, how beautiful your soul is and most importantly, how far you’ve come against all odds. Please always know I’m your biggest fans and always and forever gonna be screaming the loudest for you. I love you, Lana.”

There was a point where Alana wasn’t too sure if she should invite June to her graduation because of the past. It is clear that Alana still feels resentment toward her mother for leaving her, but it looks as if she was actually happy to have her there at her graduation.

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