Mama June Spoilers: Alana Thompson’s Graduation Sparks Some Emotions from June Shannon

Mama June Spoilers: Alana Thompson's Graduation Sparks Some Emotions from June Shannon

Mama June spoilers reveal that now that Alana Thompson is about to graduate high school, her family has shown just how proud they are. Just days before she graduates high school, Alana’s fans are pretty emotional since they have pretty much watched her grow up right before their eyes. Alana’s claim to fame came from Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC. She was a pageant queen as a child and June loved dressing her up and putting her on display at these pageants. Now that she is ready to graduate, June has a lot of emotions as well. Let’s find out what is on her mind.

June Shares Love For Alana

June has been in hot water for years now because of how she left her children for a man and drugs and alcohol. In fact, her daughter, Pumpkin Efird had to legally adopt Alana since June left her as a child. This hasn’t been easy on anyone and June has been working to repair her relationship with her family. Now that Alana is making all of these changes in her life, June has started to see her more often. However, some fans think it’s too little too late. June wanted to share how she felt about Alana graduating this year.

June told fans that there are “a lot of people” coming to Alana’s graduation because they are incredibly proud of her. She said, “Everybody is like, ‘No, it’s not time for her to graduate.’ But I’m just like, ‘Yeah. It’s going to be an emotional day.'” She went on to mention that there are so many people that watched her grow up and they are all ready to see her get her high school diploma and cheer her on.

Mama June Spoilers: Alana Thompson's Graduation Sparks Some Emotions from June Shannon

The Excitement

June added that there are some people going to the graduation that Alana will be shocked to see. “Our old bodyguards are going to be there for her graduation. Our production team is going to be there. Just a lot of people that have watched her grow up over the years are actually going to show up. She’s got 45 people coming into town just to watch her graduate. A lot of those people going are people in her past and have been part of her growing up. So I think that part is going to be really neat.”

Alana does seem to be going to college next fall, but June has not revealed where she will go. She wants to keep that private “for her safety”. Fans are incredibly proud of Alana for all of her accomplishments!

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