Mama June Spoilers: Anna Cardwell Shocks All By Showing up At Bridal Shower

Mama June Spoilers: Anna Cardwell Shocks All By Showing up At Bridal Shower

Mama June spoilers reveal that at Mama June Shannon’s bridal shower, there will be some surprises and of course, some drama. During this season of the show, June is planning her wedding in Florida to Justin Stroud. The couple has been married and did so at the courthouse, but since their friends and family were not able to attend, they decided to throw a bigger wedding. Now June has invited her children to her bridal shower and the drama began. It turns out that some of her daughters didn’t want to go, but when one showed up, everyone was in shock.

The Family Drama

There has been a lot going on this season of Mama June: Family Crisis. In fact, June’s daughter, Jessica Shannon revealed that she now has a girlfriend and her sister, Pumpkin Efird was very let down that Jessica could be gay. However because Jessica knows how her sister is, she kept this from her which made Pumpkin even more upset. When Jessica opens up more to her sisters, they tell her they accept her no matter what.

Alana Thompson, along with Pumpkin made pride shirts to wear as a way to show Jessica that they love and accept her no matter what. While this was going on, of course, June was planning her bridal shower. She started to send out the invites and this is when even more drama started.

When Pumpkin saw the invite, she knew that she was not going to the shower. She told her mother that she had to take care of five children so that she was busy. When June called her other daughters about the shower, none of them answered. She was feeling nervous and upset that no one would show up. June’s sister, Doe Doe, told Pumpkin that she was going to go and she would give her all of the gossip and tell her how horrible the shower was. Of course, that is exactly what happened!

Mama June Spoilers: Anna Cardwell Shocks All By Showing up At Bridal Shower

The Bridal Shower

When Doe Doe got to the bridal shower, things pretty much went as she expected. Justin’s family was so happy to be there and all they talked about was how they used to watch Toddlers and Tiaras. They were excited to see all of June’s daughters, but June wasn’t sure how to break it to them that they weren’t coming. It was quite embarrassing as June waited for her daughters to show up. One of them did and it was Anna Cardwell.

Doe Doe did not expect to see Anna and neither did June. This was a great moment for them and June was so happy. There are some fans who think that June paid Anna to come, but we will have to wait and see if that is true in the next episode.

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