Mama June Spoilers: Josh Efird’s New Tattoo Gets World of Hate On Social Media

Mama June Spoilers: Josh Efird's New Tattoo Gets World of Hate On Social Media

Mama June spoilers reveal that June Shannon has started to share some hate for her son-in-law’s new tattoo. Her daughter’s husband, Josh Efird is known for how much he loves getting tattooed, but it turns out that June has been throwing major shade his way after he revealed his newest one. He recently shared the tattoo on his Instagram account and he is already getting a lot of backlash from his fans and now his family members.

Josh’s New Tattoo Isn’t a Hit

As soon as Josh posted a picture of his new chest tattoo, a lot of hate came flooding in. The artist who did the work told fans that it was a cover-up piece and there would be one more session for “background and stuff.” This tattoo goes across his chest and is very colorful. The tattoo features autumn leaves and some green leaves. There are berries on the leaves and in the middle of his tattoo is a bizarre animal. Some of his fans weren’t sure if it was a bear or a wolf. No matter what it is, it is showing off its fangs and this made his fans uncertain about what to think.

Of course, as soon as fans saw the post of the tattoo, they were quick to share it on Reddit. There were plenty of comments about the tattoo and how fans were just trying to figure it was. A lot of fans have concerns about him getting this giant tattoo because he and his wife, Pumpkin Efird, have been asking their fans for money. How can they afford to get tattoos like this?

Mama June Spoilers: Josh Efird's New Tattoo Gets World of Hate On Social Media

Fans React

Redditors were quick to share their opinion on what his tattoo meant. There was one fan that pointed out that Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez from Ink Master would have “torn this to pieces.” Another wrote, “I’m really hoping they’re getting this stuff done for free in exchange of promo because they should be so embarrassed and ashamed of themselves.” One more chimed in, “Whoever did this tattoo is skilled, but not an artist. Unless the dragon is supposed to look like a gorilla.” Another wrote, “I thought maybe it ws supposed to be a bear.”

The comments just kept coming in too. Overall, this tattoo got so much hate from Josh’s followers and Redditors. One Redditor even added, “This might be one of the worst tattoos I’ve ever seen.” It looks as if Josh’s tattoo artist may have made a big mistake on this piece.

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