Mama June Spoilers: Pumpkin Efird Refuses to Go to June’s Bridal Shower

Mama June Spoilers: Pumpkin Efird Refuses to Go to June's Bridal Shower

Mama June spoilers reveal that now that June Shannon is planning her big wedding, she needs to have a bridal shower so her friends and family can shower her with gifts and love. However, when the invites go out, she wasn’t expecting so much hate from her children. When Pumpkin Efird found out about June’s bridal shower, she went crazy on her! In fact, she told her that she refused to go. Let’s find out what is going to happen.

The Bridal Shower Explosion

As soon as June made up her mind about having a wedding, she just had to tell everyone. She and Justin Stroud got married at a courthouse not too long ago, but it looks as if June and Justin want to have a wedding where their friends and family can all attend.

June tells Pumpkin, “I want everybody there. I want a wedding.” Pumpkin then says to her, “What the f**k am I finding out from Justin’s mother you’re going to have a ceremony and f*****g bridal shower?” June then told her that she didn’t know that Justin’s family would “reach out to you all on social media.”

Pumpkin went on to tell her, “That’s annoying as f**k. It would be nice to hear it from the horse’s mouth.” Of course, this turned into June just getting into another “money pit” that she does frequently. She then told her daughter that she has a budget and planned on sticking to it. Interestingly enough, she told Justin that she wanted “all the bling” at her wedding.

Mama June Spoilers: Pumpkin Efird Refuses to Go to June's Bridal Shower

Harsh Words Are Thrown

As Pumpkin talks to her mother, she tells her that she doesn’t believe that she has a budget for her wedding. She tells her, “You don’t ever have a f****g budget. Let’s be real, except when it comes to taking care of Alana.” She also tell her that she will not be at her bridal shower. “I already made plans for the bridal shower. So unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it but Doe Doe says she’s gonna come.”

When Pumpkin asked why she can’t come to the shower, she tells June, “Because I have five kids to f****g raise, and one of them is yours.” June tells Pumpkin that all the kids can come, but Pumpkin doesn’t think that is the best idea. Things are pretty tense with the family right now and it looks like this wedding is going to bring the worst out of many of them.

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