Married At First Sight Season Behind The Scenes: Clint Webb – Rolling With The Punches And Taking It In Stride

Clint Webb

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that Clint Webb is finally free of Gina Micheletti, and not only is he thrilled to be moving on with his life, but so are MAFS fans.

In a recent interview with Popculture, Clint gave MAFS fans an inside into how things go on behind the scenes.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Clint’s Journey

Clint says seeing himself, having it relived is wild. He took a chance and did all this. He says his relationship was true to what he saw on air, it really didn’t deviate from reality. He has been active on social media and believes the audience was truly perceptive, he applauds them. One thing that he was surprised about was his facial expressions sometimes, he didn’t realize it because it is hard to capture it when you are the one doing them. Before Decision Day he tried to digest everything, could he see a future with Gina, and the answer was no.

Married At First Sight Updates – Individual Hurdles

Clint revealed that when he was in the middle of the process, he was only aware of what was going on between him and Gina. As far as the other couples go, he only got little tidbits and was surprised to see some things come to light on air. For example, Shaquille Dillon and Kirsten Grimes, it was pretty surprising for him. He thought they got along well, they were so happy, and Shaq thought she was so beautiful. Then, he saw the flip on air develop, and he was surprised.

MAFS fans weighed in on Clint’s interview and they loved it, “Clint is adorable. He’ll easily find a good woman. Gina was only there to push her salon. All the best, Clint!!” and “All the best to Clint, he was a good guy. Yes we saw through Gina. Clint will meet the right woman,” and “Clint is our favorite! Such a cool personality and sooooo funny!! I laughed throughout. He even made us laugh on decision day. Gina made our eyes roll throughout the season. Clint has personality and “swag” we see u Clint!!” and “Clint is so nice and handsome. He handled it well. He will find the one in he’s own time,” and “Gina completely took advantage of the show and Clint to cook her meals for her, take care of her dog and many other things he did?” and “Clint you are a handsome, genuine, and fun guy. I hope you find a woman that loves and appreciates you. By the way, you need to get a dog. You’re a great dog dad. Enjoy your life.”

At the end of the day, the only two people who have proven that they signed up for the right reasons are Clint and Jasmine. The MVP goes to Clint, and Hank though!

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