Married At First Sight Spoilers: Chris Williams And Paige Banks Timeline – Where Are They Now?

Chris Williams and Paige Banks

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that Chris Williams and Paige Banks were matched and married on the 12th season of MAFS. Chris was 27 years old, a Finance Manager and Entrepreneur, Paige was 25 years old and an Accountant.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – From Bad To Worse

After having sex with Paige three times, Chris told her that he was not attracted to her and told Pastor Cal that he was not attracted to her face! Then, Chris drops the bomb that his ex-fiancé Mercedes Myrick was six weeks pregnant with his child. Chris never moved in with Paige. Paige signed up for the right reasons and was committed to the process, but she could only take so much.

Mercedes even made her way into getting on an episode to speak about the pregnancy, this led MAFS fans to think that she and Chris were both schemers who only wanted to get their 15 minutes of fame on TV. Prior to Decision Day, Mercedes claimed to have had a miscarriage. Through all Chris’ school-boy antics throughout the season, he decided to stay married after Decision Day – like really! And, he revealed that he bought his ex-fiancé Mercedes, a Mercedes, while still married to Paige. Thank goodness, Paige asked for a divorce on Decision Day and walked away from this whole mess. Although the two did attend counseling together post-D-Day, it didn’t help.

Chris Williams

Then, fast forward many moons later and Chris calls Mercedes a liar, he claims that Mercedes was never pregnant in the first place.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Where Are They Now?

Paige walked away with her head held up high and didn’t utter a one-word negative word about Chris after the experience. She went on to have a “better understanding of who she is,” traveled, purchased a second home, and revealed that she is writing a book.

Mercedes denies that her pregnancy was a fake and says, “This is a new low for even him and I’m a super private person and I hate social media drama but I will not let anyone destroy my character because they’re hurt.” Who knows what the truth is, but if Mercedes hated drama, why did she appear on an episode of MAFS?

Chris is not with Paige, and he is not with Mercedes. His failed Subway franchise is a thing of his past. His Instagram boasts of his travels, but his continually offensive behavior online after MAFS is no shock when compared to his rude treatment of Paige and his entitled attitude.

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