My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: Where Has the Show Been?

My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: Where Has the Show Been?

My 600-Lb Life spoilers reveal that after the show randomly took a break, viewers were concerned about what happened to it and the cast. There have been rumors that it was canceled out of nowhere, but now the network is ready to come out and explain more about what happened. For devout followers of the show, they were very confused when the new season was going strong and it was almost like it disappeared out of nowhere. Let’s find out what happened and when we will see more.

Where did it Go?

When Season 11 premiered, it had a lot of momentum and fans were falling in love with the new cast and their stories about losing weight. There were plenty of success stories and quite a few failures as well. However, as fans watched on, every week they waited for another episode and never got a new one.

Fans have not been happy about this season ending so abruptly and a lot of them had to express how they were feeling on social media. With only a few episodes that aired and the Dr. Pimple Popper taking over that spot, it left fans scratching their heads as to what would be next for the show.

When fans didn’t get a chance to see all of the episodes that were promised this season, they were quick to start researching on what could be next for their favorite show. These fans wanted to share their results with others and took to Reddit to share what they had found out. One fan even went so far as to email a representative from TLC to find out what happened. Fortunately, they were able to get a reply.

My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: Where Has the Show Been?

What Did Fans Learn?

In one Reddit post, these fans shared the results of their online searches about My 600-Lb Life. They shared a screenshot of the email from this TLC rep. It turns out that the show is coming back, but it won’t be until September. The email stated, “My 600-Lb Life is currently on an extended hiatus at this time, but is tentatively scheduled to begin airing new episodes in September. While we don’t have any specific dates to provide, we hope that you will stay tuned for the new episodes in the future.”

It turns out that there were plenty of My 600-Lb Life fans who took the time to email the network. Only a few of them actually got a reply so they were very thankful when one Redditor shared this on the platform. Even though we now have confirmation about the new episodes, it is tough to have to wait to see new cast members and updates. We will keep our eyes peeled on a date in September though.

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