Seeking Sister Wife Alum Ashley Snowden Shares Rare Photos of Dimitri?

Seeking Sister Wife Alum Ashley Snowden Shares Rare Photos of Dimitri?When Seeking Sister Wife fans first met Dimitri and Ashley Snowden in Season 1 of the show, there was no indication that their time on the series would be limited to just a few seasons. In fact, they seemed poised to become one of the more popular and long-lasting couples in the franchise. However, two years ago, their story came to a sudden end after Christeline Pederson accused them of abusive behavior. Time passed, things changed and recently,she shared what looks like rare photos of her husband.

Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Snowden & Dimiti Separated

Despite the lack of evidence against Dimitri Snowden, the incident was the catalyst for his and his wife Ashley’s departure from the series. This came as a shock to fans, who had grown fond of the couple on the reality show. However, cracks had started to form in their relationship early on. Accusations of cheating had reportedly been a bone of contention between Dimitri and Ashley, ultimately leading to their split. But, news arrived that eventually, they reconciled. Apparently,  she gave him an ultimatum of no more extra wives.

It has been a long road to a place where Ashley can face life with confidence. If you don’t know, she turned to Jesus and started a big rethink about life. Seeking Sister Wife fans knew that Ashley was vocal about her spiritual beliefs and has a strong interest in various religions and deities. But in the last year, she embraced Christianity. Despite these changes in her beliefs and their reconciliation, she has been slow to reveal photos of her husband.

Seeking Sister Wife: Did Ashely Share Photos Of Dimitri Snowden?

There have not been any social media photos of Dimtiri for a very long time. But on May 22, Ashley took to her Instagram and shared a collage of the family gardening. In her long post, she said in  part, “Took a year off from digging in the dirt… but we’re back!” Additionally, she spoke about how during the bad times, she and the kid did gardening with the kids. The basic thing she said is that now they are good with Jesus, they spend family time making things grow.

Seeking Sister Wife Alum Ashley Snowden Shares Rare Photos of Dimitri
Ashely Snowden / Instagram

The Seeking Sister Wife alum mentioned, “Here I am now, by the grace and mercy of God, well into spring of 2023 and I am nurturing not one, but TWO gardens, alongside my family!” And, in the pictures, there was a man who looked very much like Dimitri, Mind you, it wasn’t very easy to make about as two were taken from far away. Meanwhile, his face was hidden in a third photo.

TLC Fans Assumed It Was Dimitri

Seeking Sister Wife Fans seemed shocked to see that it looked like Dimitri was back with Ashley Clearly, a lot of people don’t keep up with developments all the time. A few folks thought that they had split and stayed that way. However, those who stuck with following the family just love to see them back together.

One dedicated follower wrote, “I love you and I love your family. Here’s to Legacy!!!! 🥂”

Another follower commented, “I’m so proud of you. I wish you write a book. Your transformation has been a light of deliverance for me. Thank you for sharing your journey.”

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that it certainly looks like Ashley Snowden just shared some very rare photos of Dimitri? Let us know in the comments below.

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