The Little Couple Alums Jen Arnold And Billy Taste Sardines In Madrid

The Little Couple Alums Jen Arnold And Billy Taste Sardines In Madrid

The Little Couple alums, Jen Arnold and her husband, Bill Klein are fan favorites from TLC. Unfortunately, the show was canceled, but they keep their followers updated. At the moment, they are enjoying Spain. Whilst in Madrid, Dr. Jen ordered some sardines for the first time in her life. Did she like them? Read on to find out.

The Little Couple Alums Jen Arnold & Bill Klein Take A Break

The family moved to Boston since fans last saw them on TLC in 2019. There, she continued in the medical field where she specializes in neonatal medicine and simulations. The kids, Zoey and Will seem to have settled in and the couple still have a strong marriage. In fact, they recently celebrated an anniversary and went away for a bit of a break. At the time, Bill said that he felt very blessed to be her husband. It was only a short break though, as she had other appointments.

The Little Couple fans heard that not only did Jen win a special award, but she was also invited to address her old Alma Mater in a commencement speech. That’s a huge junior, so fans were thrilled for her. Obviously, with Bill running his businesses, and Jen being in demand all over the place, they treasure their time together. So recently, Bill flew out to catch up with Jen in Madrid in Spain. Now, they enjoy a bit of the culture of Europe.

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold Tries Sardines In Madrid

On May 24, Bill took Jen’s phone and filmed her at a restaurant in Madrid, Spain. Laughing, he told her fans that she was about to try something he never expected. Anyway, it turned out that she had ordered some French fries, as you do when you’re an American. But she said it was an “accidental” extra that came with the potato. The order came with a side dish of sardines.

The Little Couple Alums Jen Arnold And Billy Enjoy Sardines In Madrid1
Jen Arnold / Instagram

The Little Couple fans discovered that she had never tried a sardine before. Actually, they don’t seem to make for a popular meal in the USA. But in Europe, people love them. Did you know that in Spain, there’s an annual festival called the Burial of the Sardine? It came from the Mediaeval days when a lot of the little fish were ordered for a festival. By the time they arrived from the north of the country, they were rotten. So, instead of eating them, they buried them to stop the stench. Mind you, reenactments if it often see them burned.

Did Jen Like The Sardines?

The Little Couple star worked herself up to take a piece of fish into her mouth and chewed a bit. Then she started nodding, saying it wasn’t bad. But clearly, she lied, because the next second she almost gagged and chased it down with a  big gulp of wine.

TLC Jen Sardines In Spain

Presumably, that’s sardines off the menu for the rest of their trip to Spain.

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