Unexpected Alum Anthony Vanelli Arrested Yet Again

Unexpected Alum Anthony Vanelli Arrested Yet Again

Anthony Vanelli, the baby daddy of Unexpected star Rilah Ferrer’s child, has had a tumultuous past with the law. Although Rilah originally accused him of violence, he didn’t seem to learn from that. In fact, he was arrested and charged with multiple criminal offenses, including a firearm-related incident. Vanelli’s bond had a specific stipulation requiring him to refrain from possessing any weapons. However, even with that condition in place, he still managed to find himself on the wrong side of the law again when he was caught allegedly shooting at the house of a relative. This month he was arrested again.

Unexpected: The Anthony Vanelli Story Goes Downhill

Anthony certainly isn’t the only member of the cast to end up arrested. In fact, multiple folks from the show got to know the cops a bit better. One of them was Max Schenzel, the former boyfriend and baby daddy of  Chloe Mendoza’s kid. Recall, she took out a restraining order. He’s done time behind bars and in rehab. So, when the allegations about Anthony getting arrested on suspicion of shooting at a house, Max mocked him. Ironically, he was in jail himself at the time of the arrest.

Unexpected spoilers revealed that the charges about shooting at a house were dropped. However, that didn’t mean that Anthony Vanelli was off the hook. Apparently, he still faced charges that he allegedly threatened a woman with a knife. It’s not clear what happened and it’s not easy to keep track of all the offenses that the cops throw at people who end up breaking the law. But it is disappointing to hear that Anthony was arrested again on May 22.

Unexpected: The New Arrest Of Anthony Vanelli

@tlc.unexpectedteaa broke the news about the latest arrest of Anthony. Shared on Instagram, the admin said, “Anthony has been arrested again 😭 he is being charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and resisting official obstruction without violence. This boy needs to get his act together!” Backing it with a screenshot, it certainly seems that the former TLC star is on the road to a life full of drama, jail cells, and trouble.

Unexpected Alum Anthony Vanelli Arrested Yet Again
@tlc.unexpectedteaa / Instagram

Unexpected fans naturally added their thoughts in the comments on Instagram, especially as the admin asked what their feelings were. Actually, Rilah turned up using her gateway to her OnlyFans account, She said, “His family was pressing me about me not letting him be around malayah and I rest my case. He’s a nut job and I haven’t had my daughter around him in years. Hope his mom feels stupid.”

Only 22 Years Old

Some Unexpected fans feel really sad to see that Anthony is still only in his early 20s. So, they don’t like the trend his life is taking. One follower wrote, “22 is so young to be throwing your life away.”

Meanwhile, another follower holds out little hope for Anthony in life, saying, “He’s a lost cause.”

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