Welcome to Plathville: Is Olivia Plath in the Foot Fetish Industry?

Welcome to Plathville spoilers reveal that Olivia Plath has been having a lot of fun on her social media accounts lately. She just went through a very hard time and now it looks as if she is joking around more on Instagram. What is she joking around about? Let’s take a closer look.

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Olivia Shares Silly Video

Even though Olivia has been dealing with the death of her younger brother, she has started to open up more of her silly side. She has been hinting about stepping into another world of side hustles, but when her fans saw this video, they weren’t sure if this was the one for her. As of right now, she has a few sources of income. She has made money from the show, Welcome to Plathville, and she is also a wedding photographer. She has been traveling all over the country to do beautiful photo shoots for her clients.

With wedding season in full bloom, it seems that she has been extremely busy lately and that is good for her. However, is there another way that she makes money?

Olivia has tried to work a few side hustles and having 420,000 followers on Instagram helps quite a bit. She has partnered with a few companies and has helped to promote different products and codes for discounts. However, no one has seen anything like the last post she made!

What Is She Selling?

In Olivia’s new video on Instagram, she was with her sister, Lydia Meggs and they were being very silly. The song Popular was playing in the background. In this video, Olivia and Lydia were showing off their feet. They pretended to take pictures of their feet. If you don’t know, foot fetishes are big online these days and lots of celebrities have been cashing in on the money they can make off of their feet. Jokingly, Olivia wrote, “When the cost of living just keeps rising… but your income doesn’t.” Of course, this video was supposed to be all in good fun and it was clear that the girls were joking around.

Olivia did write, “Well….times are tough,” in the comments section. Fans were quick to start in this video. One wrote, “I’ve seriously considered doing foot fetish photos. It seems like a win-win, your face isn’t in then, you get to have pedicures regularly and people will even buy toenail clipping for hundreds of dollars.” There were a lot of fans that told Olivia that they had joked about this before, but now it seems as if they could make good money doing it.

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