Welcome To Plathville: Olivia Plath Reveals A Special Quote After Micah Died

Welcome To Plathville: Olivia Plath Reveals A Special Quote After Micah Died

Welcome To Plathville news arrived when Olivia revealed that there was tension between her and her parents due to her decision to practice her religion differently than they do. Interestingly, Olivia’s experience with her husband Ethan also caused them some conflict, as Kim and Barry were not happy with some of their choices. Additionally, the devastating news arrived that Olivia’s younger brother Micah had passed away. Unfortunately, the two had been estranged for some time. Now, she shared an inspirational quote that she has become special to her since Micah died.

Welcome To Plathville: Olivia Plath Hurts After Micah Died

When the news arrived that 15-year-old Micah died, some people feared that it was Ethan’s younger brother who passed away. Well, it was not him, and it was a younger sibling with the same first name. At the time, TLC fans heard that Olivia’s brother was still young, and he had been hit and killed by a car while he was out riding his bike. Naturally, she felt shattered, and many TLC fans sent in their condolences to the entire family.

A bit later, more sad news came from the Welcome To Plathville star. Apparently, her parents had forbidden her to have any contact with her brother. They were not happy about her religious life. Additionally, she explained that when she was young, she helped to raise her brother. And sadly, Micah was born with a Brachial Plexus injury. Apparently, that caused Cerebral Palsy, so her brother faced a difficult life.

Welcome To Plathville: A Special Quote That Helps Olivia Plath

Olivia Plath took to her Instagram this week and shared a quote by Bianca Sparacino from “Seeds Planted in Concrete.” You can read it below:

“Are you happy?” “In all honesty? No. But I am curious – I am curious in my sadness, and I am curious in my joy. I am everseeking, everfeeling. I am in awe of the beautiful moments life gives us, and I am in awe of the difficult ones. I am transfixed by grief, by growth. It is all so stunning, so rich, and I will never convince myself that I cannot be somber, cannot be hurt, cannot be overjoyed. I want to feel it all – I don’t want to cover it up or numb it. So no, I am not happy. I am open, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Welcome To Plathville Olivia Plath Reveals A Special Quote After Micah Died
Bianca Sparacino via Olivia Plath / Instagram

In her caption, the Welcome To Plathville star said, “I saved this a few weeks ago before my younger brother passed away. I guess the universe knew I would need to hold on to this right now. ♥️ Resting in this space of everseeking, everfeeling.” Judging by the tone of the quote, it is helping her to lean into her pain and loss in order to be able to eventually accept it.

TLC Fans react

Welcome To Plathville fans are being very kind to Olivia at the moment. Obviously, they respect that she is grieving. Plus, they like to see that she shares her painful time with them. One of them reacted by saying, “I am so sorry for your loss, Olivia. Thank you for sharing this. Wishing you comfort in your grief. ❤️”

Meanwhile, some people suggested other books that might help her come to terms with Micah’s death. A follower said, “You sound healthy, a good book to read “ Milky Ways and Fireflies” its helping me get through sadness.”

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