Will TLC Cancel ‘The Family Chantel’ After Pedro And Chantel’s Divorce?

Will TLC Cancel ‘The Family Chantel’ After Pedro And Chantel’s Divorce?

Chantel and Pedro’s relationship became the talk of the town after they were introduced to the fans on TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé. However, given the high drama and huge fan following, the couple got their very own spin-off on TLC titled The Family Chantel. Ever since, Pedro, Chantel, and their family became popular, and they even enjoy a big fan following on social media. Unfortunately, while things were going great for the family for quite some time, things took a turn for the worse after Pedro and Chantel ended their relationship with a divorce. Now, fans wonder if TLC will cancel their show or if it will return for another season. Keep reading to find out the details!

Amid the ongoing family crisis after her divorce, Chanel recently opened up about why another season of the TLC show is the need of the hour. But why does she want another season? Is it because she wants to clarify her stand regarding her recent divorce? Or is it because she wants more of the TLC money? Well, that is something that will only become transparent if and when TLC renews the show for another season.

Will TLC Cancel ‘The Family Chantel’ After Pedro And Chantel’s Divorce?

Back when Chantel and Pedro debuted on TV, they were among the highly compatible couples in the 90 Day Fiancé universe. They stuck by one another even after having a tumultuous relationship, especially when their families entered the dynamics. However, in the spin-off series, fans saw that the couple’s bond couldn’t stay strong for long. Moreover, after Pedro and Chantel divorced, viewers quickly lost interest in the show and wondered if it would return for Season 5.

However, Chantel wishes for the show to return. In her latest interview, the TV star revealed that she is now open to filming for another The Family Chantel season. The TLC star revealed that she had shared so much of her life on the show that viewers have connected with her at a deeper level. She also admitted that people would be able to understand what she was going through as her relationship with Pedro went down the drain. Although the network hasn’t yet confirmed whether the show will be renewed for Season 5, Chantel is hopeful.

The Family Chantel Season 5 might highlight how Pedro and Chantel are dealing with their divorce and if they have managed to move on successfully.

So, do you think The Family Chantel would be renewed for another season? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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