1000-Lb Sisters Fans Fear Amy Halterman Regresses After Slurping A Treat

1000-Lb Sisters Fans Fear Amy Halterman Regresses After Slurping A Treat

1000-Lb Sisters fans got themselves into a whole big old argument about Amy Haltermn after she shared a clip of herself slurping down a sweet treat. Naturally, those who care about her seem anxious that she will regress to her former size. After all, she had her gastric surgery, but seems to have put on weight since the birth of her second child, Glenn.

1000-Lb Sisters: Unlike Tammy Slaton, Amy Halterman Didn’t Resist

In February this year, Tammy Slaton was tempted to eat a sweet treat. In fact, some folks got irritated because she partnered with a company that sells candy. After all, they felt it was wrong to encourage someone who struggles with obesity by sending them unhealthy food. Well, Tammy did really well and didn’t eat all of it. Instead, she only tasted a little piece of it. She assured her followers that she still sticks to her diet.

Conversely, 1000-Lb Sisters star Amy Haltermn just gulped hers down. Actually, some fans seem to feel that Amy might enable her sister’s over-eating again. Whether out of jealousy or because she simply doesn’t care about her own weight these days, is unclear. Recall, in the season before last, she confessed that she wasn’t really bothering to watch her food intake. Hopefully, Tammy doesn’t slip because of her sister.

1000-Lb Sisters: Amy Halterman Is Regressing?

Late on Thursday, Amy took to her Instagram and shocked a lot of TLC fans who saw her with a sweet treat. She opened her mouth wide, took in some of it, and licked out the rest before swallowing. All the while, the camera recorded her slumping and crunching noises. Actually, that grossed out some fans. Was she feeling some regret afterward? Her face certainly didn’t look all that happy. But, it was a promo, so perhaps she felt that she should eat it.

1000-Lb Sisters Fans Fear Amy Halterman Regresses After Slurping A Treat
Halterman / Instagram

One fan of the 1000-Lb Sisters show commented, “Not sure why all these companies want to send you stuff that isn’t good for you. Almost like they are sabotaging you.” Another one agreed, saying, “It’s outrageous.” Meanwhile, some folks argued that it’s perfectly okay to eat a treat now and then, as long as she keeps it in moderation.

Countering that, another follower opined, “Proximity is everything. She probably wouldn’t have eaten one that day or week, but… if it shows up direct to you…ugh.”

Some Defenders

Not all of the 1000-Lb Sisters fans that arrived in the comments felt that Amy Halterman did anything wrong. In fact, some of the strongest defenders were from the LGBTQ+ community. After all, it was a rainbow product and it is the beginning of Pride Month.

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