90 Day Fiance Star Jen Boecher Offers Surgeons Her Face For Lifting

90 Day Fiance Star Jen Boecher Offers Surgeons Her Face For Lifting

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4 introduced Jen Boecher and Rishi. Her parents gave her a difficult time and they objected to her being so much older than him. Anyway, she possibly got a complex because now, she wants to get a full facelift. But, she wants to do it on the cheap, so shouted out to plastic surgeons.

90 Day Fiance: Jen Boecher Is Older Than Rishi

On social media,  Jen Boecher shared that she ran into problems with her fiancé Rishi. Rishi’s parents had specific requirements for his future wife, including no dark skin, no shortness, and a college education. Furthermore, Rishi seemed reluctant to leave his parent’s home, which also annoyed Boecher. However, one of the biggest problems was Boecher’s age; she was older than Rishi, and his parents constantly reminded them of it. This caused tension in their relationship, and Boecher felt that his parents didn’t see her as a suitable partner for him.

90 Day Fiance fans gave Jen a lot of heat during and after the show. But it seemed destined to fail from the start. Viewers saw 46-year-old Jenny from Alabama move to India to marry 32-year-old Rishi. However, Rishi had not disclosed her existence to his parents. Just like Jenny and Sumit’s story, this raised concerns about potential cultural conflicts. Some TLC fans didn’t like Rishi much either, and they felt that he might be too controlling. Perhaps the entire experience made Jen feel old because she wants plastic surgery done.

90 Day Fiance: Jen Boecher Is Now 48 And Aging

Feeling her age, Jen took to her Instagram on June 4. She told her fans that she’s getting older and she is starting to get those ghastly “turkey” sags, Anway, she hates the idea of looking old. So, she hoped someone would recommend an affordable surgeon. However, she also shouted out to surgeons to contact her. After all, she wouldn’t charge them much to promote their services. Well, it’s not clear if they would be enticed by that because she only has 33K followers at the moment. In other words, she ain’t no Darcey Silva.

90 Day Fiance Star Jen Boecher Offers Surgeons Her Face For Lifting
Jen Boecher / Instagram

90 Day Fiance star Dacey Silva has 1.4 million followers. So, there’s a big difference between the two TLC stars. Anyway, she wants a full pace-peel and facelift, and more. She said, “I want whatever Bella Hadid had.” Additionally, she hates that she no longer has chubby cheeks. Well, that made fans fear that she will go the way of other TLC stars and get too much work done.

TLC Fans React To The Post

One 90 Day Fiance fan told Jen, “I learned the hard way. Do not go with the cheapest surgeon. My eyes will never be the same .”

Another follower said, “Good plastic surgery and cheap don’t go together Jen.”

This comment arrived that echoes the thoughts of many others: “Dear Jen, you look stunning, gorgeous and natural. Please, don’t become a plastic doll. You do not need plastic surgery at all! Greetings from the Netherlands 🇳🇱🧡.”

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