Alaskan Bush People: Is Bear Brown Planning To Leave The Show?

Alaskan Bush People: Is Bear Brown Planning To Leave The Show?

Alaskan Bush People spoilers, news, and updates tease that Bear Brown recently took to social media to make a huge announcement. Is he planning to leave the show?

Fans have grown to love Bear Brown. The reality TV star is one of the most interesting cast members of the show. However, he also had a lot of struggles, which included his recent split with Raiven.

Bear has been very active on social media lately. He constantly updates his followers about his personal life. Recently, he took to Instagram to make a huge announcement. Many of his fans wondered if he was planning to exit the Alaskan Bush People.

Fortunately, it has nothing to do with him leaving the show. Bear announced that he achieved another milestone when he got his first “branded content partner.” He shared that he is one of the endorsers of Monster Energy drinks.

“Hey everyone! I have some AWESOME news!!!!! I got my first-ever, branded content partner!!! I am officially now teamed up with Monster energy drinks!!!” he captioned his post.

“The best energy drink out there! If you’re running, jumping, climbing, exerting yourself, and need a quick boost of energy, open up a Monster Energy Drink and enjoy!!! They have a great flavor and long-lasting energy!!! I don’t always drink energy drinks, but when I do, I prefer Monster!!!!!! Stay energized, everybody!!!” he continued.

In his post, Bear shared a clip where he promoted the brand. He can be seen running and jumping in the forest. His followers were quick to congratulate him for his recent achievement. Some even said that it was the perfect opportunity since he’s dubbed himself the “king of extreme.”

Alaskan Bush People: Is Bear Brown Planning To Leave The Show?

He explained that he usually doesn’t drink an energy drink. But when he does, he only chooses Monster. He praised and promoted the brand and shared its efficiency in boosting the energy of those who drink it. Fans congratulated him, and many expressed how proud they were of the reality TV star.

Bear Climbs 30FT Windmill

Following his news about his collaboration with a huge energy drink brand, Bear was featured climbing a 30ft windmill. He shared photos of him climbing the windmill on his Instagram account. His fans weren’t shocked at all. Some even asked if the energy drink already “kicked in.”

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  1. Jake says

    Surely to God this family of inbreds isn’t still being glamorized and televised. I thought after the original These hills have eyes father died, so would their meal ticket show
    Oh wait. Never mind. They’re still showing that disgusting, vile mama june and honey boo boo, road kill eating trash, so actually I shouldn’t be surprised.

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