Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Defends Gabe From Online Hate

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Defends Gabe From Online Hate

Alaskan Bush People spoilers, news, and updates tease that Raiven still got her ex’s back after defending his brother, Gabe, from online haters.

Raiven and Bear revealed that they were not together anymore earlier this year. They said they had split after their second child was born. Their firstborn is River, and their second child is Cove. They struggled with their second child when he had to spend some time in the NICU just after being born due to health complications.

But their separation doesn’t mean that Raiven hates all the Browns as well. Raiven recently defended Gabe, the brother of her ex-Bear, when he received online hate on his personal social media account.

A lot of people were mocking Gabe in his posts. He recently posted a photo of him smiling, and “the perfect people ” on the internet were quick to comment about his personal style. They were quick to notice his use of eyeliner. And personally, we see nothing wrong with it. It is a personal preference, and Raiven also thought the same.

Alaskan Bush People Spoilers: Raiven Defends Gabe

In her reply to one of the haters, she said that what is wrong with this generation is that a lot of people think they can always say what they want just because some things are posted on the internet (referring to the photo of Gabe).

Some people think that they can freely say what they want to other people, especially someone like Gabe, just because they opened their lives to the public because they are public figures. And Raiven thinks that this is exactly why some people feel traumatized – because a lot of people can freely say what they want without thinking about how the recipient would feel about it. Usually, they are insensitive about it, and they don’t realize the gravity of what they are posting.

Raiven proceeded and said that it is really sick that just because you immediately thought it, you can just say it out loud for everyone to see. In her last sentence, she said that if the user doesn’t realize this concept, he/she is helpless.

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Defends Gabe From Online Hate

Alaskan Bush People Spoilers: Gabe Is Soft But Probably Struggling

It was really cool of her to defend Gabe from all the nasty comments. As we may recall, some fans think that Gabe is struggling with depression. He usually posts dark or sad captions on social media, and it sometimes worries his fans. But on the other hand, Gabe continues to post encouraging messages as well. For instance, he recently posted this: “This is our world let’s live for love, and spread that around there are enough things to be sad about, let’s not be that for others, be happy all you who would dare to Love.”

Gabe didn’t deserve these unnecessary comments, and Raiven really got his back after pointing this out to some rude people.

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