Christine Brown From Sister Wives Dumps LuLaRoe

Christine Brown From Sister Wives Dumps LuLaRoe

Recent news from Sister Wives revealed that Christine Brown dumped her LulaRoe business. Christine and Meri Brown seemed to do quite well on the income. Actually, Meri seemed to be spectacularly successful with the MLM. At the moment, it seems that she still continues, as does Mykelti Padron, Christine’s daughter. Why did she walk away from it? Read on to find out.

Sister Wives: Janelle & Christine Brown Sell Plexus

If you cast your mind back a while, you might recall that Janelle once told her fans that her daughter, Maddie Brown Brush introduced her to selling Plexus products. At the time, she seemed pleased to see a product that she could believe in. Anyway, it seemed to have worked for her and for Christine. Often, the two TLC stars would be seen at conferences for their business. But, some people think that they are not that close now that Christine got engaged to David Woolley.  Mind you, it seems that they enjoyed each other’s company at Moab recently.

Sister Wives fans know that Meri Brown remains loyal to LuLaRoe. In fact,  she’s unapologetic about the product even after the docuseries about it. Well, she worked hard for her success. And bear in mind, she doesn’t have a man in her life to look after, and Leon is an adult and living with Audrey Kriss. Plus, Meri has Jenn Sullivan managing her BNB. So, probably she will stick with it as she has more time than Christine.

Sister Wives: Why Is Christine Getting Out Of LuLaRoe?

The news that the TLC star is dropping the clothing line arrived via her Christine Brown sells LuLaRoe account on Facebook. According to Monsters and Critics, she really wants to spend more time with her cooking. Bear in mind, she still films for the show, plus there is a good chance that her Cooking With Just Christine spinoff will continue. Additionally, she presumably earns off Plexus. So, with a new man in her life, why would she want to overload her time on business?

Christine Brown From Sister Wives Dumps LuLaRoe
Christine Brown / Instagram

The outlet cited the Sister Wives star as saying. “I just don’t have time for [it] like I did before, and I just don’t think it’s doing, um… I just, like, don’t wanna be spread too thin, and I think I’m just being spread too thin, and I don’t like that.” Perhaps with David in her life, his income combined with hers will still give her a nice lifestyle. So, she wants to be able to do more live cooking with fans on social media.

Will Mykelti Stay With LuLaRoe?

The Sister Wives star confirmed that Mykleti will still be selling clothing. In fact, her mom gave her a shout-out when she said goodbye to her customers.

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