Counting On: Amy King Gushes Over Jill Dillard Publishing Her Book

Counting On: Amy King Gushes Over Jill Dillard Publishing Her Book

Counting On alum Jill Dillard has written a book and the news arrived just before the new Amazon docuseries drops. Happy Shiny People: Duggar Family Secrets takes an in-depth look at the way her dad, Jim Bob followed the tents of the IBLP’s Bill Gothard. TLC fans naturally hope that the book does well because Jill appears in the Prime video. Her cousin, Amy Duggar King, is totally supportive of her cousin speaking out so she gushed about it on Jill’s Instagram.

Counting On: Amy King And Jill Dillard Are Close

TLC fans didn’t see much of Amy on her Uncle Jim Bob Duggar’s show. However, they saw enough to know that her mom, Deanna didn’t raise her daughter under the same strict rules as Jim Bob and Michelle. Actually, a lot of fans like her because she’s been so supportive of Jill and Derick Dillard. Recall, they were estranged from the family for a while. But Amy, who raises a little boy in her union with Dillon King, often met up with her.  In fact, they love going to thrift shops together.

Counting On fans are not all that surprised that Amy is happy for Jill who wrote a book called “Counting The Cost.” Actually, for a while, TLC fans have been calling for a book from Jill or Derick. Well, Derick is a lawyer these days, and he is involved in the book, as is a ghostwriter. Sometimes, folks wondered if Derick became a lawyer to fight his father-in-law. Between Jill, Derick, Amy, and Jinger Vuolo, it seems the fight is on. Not solely against Jim Bob, but against what is becoming known as a cult.

Counting On: Jill Dillard Shares About Her Book

The day after Simon & Schuster announced that the book arrives in January 2024, Jill took to her Instagram to announce that it was available for pre-order. In the long caption, she explained the story and what folks can expect. She said “📚📣Derick and I would like to announce that we have written a book, “COUNTING THE COST,” which details our painful journey as part of the reality-show-filming Duggar family.”

Counting On Amy King Gushes Over Jill Dillard Publishing Her Book
Jill Dillard / Instagram

The Counting On star isn’t claiming to be the only person in the world with a difficult life. However, she did note that being on reality TV overexposed them to much ridicule. In fact, it looks like some family secrets will be it. She added, that the show was “undergirded by secrecy and lies [which] is tantamount to pouring gasoline on the fire of our struggle.”Plus, she noted that writing the memoir was not the easiest thing.

Amy King Gushes Over Jill And Derick

Counting On fans saw that the first blue-ticked comment came from Any King. In her comment, she said:

What an inspiring couple you and Derrick are! I love how God is opening doors for y’all! Cuz, you are so brave and strong and your voice will be heard loud and clear! it might not be the path you would have chosen… but through all the darkness and heartache God is going to get the glory! I couldn’t be more proud of you!”

What are your thoughts about Amy King who seems proud and happy for her cousin, Jill Dillard? Do you like that she’s so supportive? Shout out in the comments below.

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