Counting On Fans Remember Mary Duggar In Deanna’s Post

Counting On Fans Remember Mary Duggar In Deanna's Post

Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting fans mourned when Mary Duggar died. You may recall that she passed away after she slipped and fell into a pool at her home in Springdale in 2019. Behind her, she left her 19 grandchildren and the whole family felt sad. This week, her daughter Deanna Duggar remembered her on the 4th anniversary of her funeral.

Counting On: Jim Bob And Deanna Duggar Are Siblings

In contrast to Jim Bob having 19 children and numerous grandchildren, it’s interesting to note that his own parents, Mary and her husband James only raised two children: Jim and his sister, Deanna. Unfortunately, the siblings don’t seem to have a good relationship. In fact, there are some who speculate that God was merciful when he took their mom. After all, with the controversies surrounding Josh’s imprisonment, Mary would have been deeply distressed

Counting On fans seem to understand now, why Deanna Duggar doesn’t get on with her brother. Actually, she and her daughter Amy King seem very outspoken. They opened up about Josh’s arrest and incarceration. Plus, they more recently supported the Amazon docuseries, Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets. The documentary actually made a lot of people feel guilty for supporting the TLC shows.

Counting On Fans Reminded Of Mary Duggar By Deanna’s Post

On June 17, Deanna took to her Instagram and shared a nice photo of herself with her mom. Actually, the likeness between mother and daughter seemed quite strong. In her caption, Deanna wrote, “4 yrs. ago my Mom’s Home going service happened! I miss her so much!!❤️” Naturally, TLC fans joined in the comments to discuss Mary.

Counting On Fans Remember Mary Duggar In Deanna Duggar's Post
Deanna Duggar / Instagram

Counting On fans never really saw much of Mary, and much like Amy King, they saw almost nothing of her after the cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting. Still, they actually saw her funeral at the end of Season 10 in December 2019. All of the family cried despite their belief that she would undouble go straight to Heaven.

Comments Remembering Mary’s Passing

Counting On fans took to the comments section of Deanna’s post. One of them said, “Continue the legacy Deanna ❤️.”

Meanwhile, others regretted not meeting Mary during her life. One of those folks wrote, “Never met her but she seemed like such a gem❤️.”

Another TLC fan felt that Mary Duggar “was one of a kind!”

Do you remember when Mary Duggar passed away? Apparently, she had been in ill health when she slipped and drowned in a swimming pool. Do you wish that you could have gotten to know more about her when she was alive? Let us know in the comments below.

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