Jeremy Roloff ATV: 3 Kids Up, No Helmets – Are LPBW Fans Wrong For Stressing?

Jeremy Roloff ATV: 3 Kids Up, No Helmets - Are LPBW Fans Wrong For Stressing?

Little People Big World (LPBW) alums, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff often get slammed for their parenting decisions. Recently, they were slammed for letting the kids play in a muddy river. Mind you, many TLC fans who grew up in rural areas felt there was nothing wrong with it. But now Jer had the kids on a moving ATM with no helmets on, is it legitimately okay to start stressing about safety?

LPBW: Audrey & Jeremy Roloff  Get Critics Aplenty

It seems that every day Audrey posts up something or other that gets people worried about their kids. They have three children now, Ember, Bode, and toddler Radley. Sometimes, it seems that fans love to hate the couple. For example, they were roasted for taking the older kids to Disney, but then roasted for not taking Radley who was too young.

LPBW fans also slammed Audrey for complaining about cleaning up after meals. Not because she is lazy, but because she mostly serves healthy home-cooked meals that other people struggle to afford. Previous complaints came when she took Bode skiing on the slopes with her when he was about the same age as Radley. That was so he could have boasting rights. But often, critics seem to just enjoy slamming Jeremy  Roloff and his wife. This time are stressed critics right to worry?

LPBW: Three Kids Up On An ATV And No Helmets

On Monday, Audrey posted up a reel that showed Jeremy with all three children on the ATV. Including himself, that made for four people, and not one of them wore a helmet. Notably, he drove the machine, so it wasn’t just a posed photo.

Jeremy Roloff ATV 4 Up, No Helmets Are LPBW Fans Wrong For Stressing
Audrey Roloff / Instagram

In her long caption, Audrey mentioned, “these days are often long, exhausting, repetitive, demanding, and chaotic… but also full of wonder, awe, joy, laughter, learning, gratitude, and the beauty of simplicity. We truly are cherishing these days of our kids being little.” Well, some folk on Reddit hope the kids live long enough to be cherished for many years.

Little People Big World Jeremy Roloff
u/itsme00400 / Reddit

LPBW critics on Reddit seem to agree with u/itsme00400 who feels that it’s not good enough to just say “You wouldn’t get it, you didn’t grow up on a farm.”

One responder said  in conversation, “We’ve lost 3 kids in our community in 2 years because of not having a helmet on an ATV.”

Meanwhile, another person worried about Ember: “They are teaching their kids willful stupidity. Ember will not think twice about hopping on a quad with no shoes or helmet. No matter what they tell her. She will think this is fine.”

How Many People Get Hurt On ATVs? 

LPBW fans might be interested to note that HG Org Legal Resources carried an article about death on ATVs. Citing the Consumer Product Safety Commission, it says:

135,000 people are injured every year due to ATV accidents.
Over 700 people are killed in these accidents every year.
Approximately 1/3 of the people killed in ATV accidents each year are under the age of 16.
Many of these accidents could have been prevented if proper safety advice was followed.

When a second or even third passenger is put into the picture, a recipe for disaster ensues. In some cases, the accident involves the second passenger falling off the ATV. In other cases a passenger will not be able to shift their weight as intuitively as the driver, therefore throwing the entire vehicle off-balance.”

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with those who stressed when they saw three kids on the moving ATV? Let us know in the comments below.

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