Jill Dillard Exposes Brother, Jed Duggar, In new Book and Jed Throws Shade Her Way

Jill Dillard Exposes Brother, Jed Duggar, In new Book and Jed Throws Shade Her Way

Duggar Family News reveals that in Jill Dillard’s new book, Counting the Cost, she will expose her famous family. In fact, she will expose her siblings, such as Jed Duggar and now it turns out that some of her siblings are not happy about it. Recently Jed decided that he needed to share what he thought about his sister’s new book and from the looks of it, it’s not very good.

Jed Shares Thoughts About New Book

As soon as the news came out that she had written a memoir, her siblings didn’t all get excited about it. Not only did Jinger Vuolo already write a tell-all book, but now that Jill has, some of their family members are not happy about it. Jed is very upset about it and he decided to throw some shade her way. It all started when Jill and Derick made the announcement about the book coming out. Jed was quick to share his thoughts in a comment about the book.

One fan wrote to Jill and Derick, “I can’t help but feel bad for your parents. I cannot imagine my children writing tell-all books about my family. Here’s the thing, Jill, NO family is perfect. Not one. And yes, while most do not have reality TV shows, you would also not have the opportunity to profit from your story.” As soon as this post went up, Jed was quick to like the negative comments about the book. As soon as fans saw that he was liking all of these negative comments, they began to try and clap back at him. One fan wrote, “Jed should be ashamed of liking these types of comments.”

Jill Dillard Exposes Brother, Jed Duggar, In new Book and Jed Throws Shade Her Way

More Comments Get Jed Upset

One fan added to Jed, “You’re not proving to be a real Christian, but a Pharisee. A real Christian would stand up for injustice. But I guess your Pharisee father sharing his portion of the family fortune with you and your brothers is more important. It’s really shameful how your siblings turned on Jill instead of your father.” That is when Jed decided to chime in, “Excuse you, but you don’t know our family at all. Please don’t make assumptions about things that 100% are none of your business. The true shame is on you.”

As of right now, Jed is the only family member who has publicly shown his dislike for this new book, but it looks as if Jill isn’t letting it bother her at all. She has been boosting the book in her social media posts and is ready for her fans to read it!

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