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Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Have Warped View of Love?

According to the Counting On spoilers, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have warped view of love. Fans are upset over the statement they posted on social media in lieu of the release of the new docuseries Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets. Keep on reading to learn more.

Counting On Spoilers: Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Issue Statement

In a timely fashion, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar issued a statement about the new tell-all documentary on Amazon Prime Video. The docuseries exposes the Institute in Basic Life Principles known as the IBLP.

People involved with the religious organization claim that it’s a cult. Jim Bob and Michelle shared their thoughts. Shortly after the fire episode of the four-episode docuseries premiered, the couple reacted on their family’s website and their Instagram page.

“The recent ‘documentary’ that talks about our family is sad because in it we see the media and those with ill intentions hurting people we love,” the statement reads. “Like other families, ours too has experienced the joys and heartbreaks of life, just in a very public format. This ‘documentary’ paints so much and so many in a derogatory and sensationalized way because sadly that’s the direction of entertainment these days.”

The Duggar parents promoted love throughout their statement. They still claim to love their family members, even those who have publicly denounced them. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will continue to rely on their faith even more.

Critics Slam TLC Stars

The Counting On spoilers reveals that critics are slamming the TLC stars. Some of them are disgusted with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s warped sense of view on love. Some of them took to Reddit to react to their statement.

“Love in a ‘private setting’ is disgusting knowing how much covering up was done,” one fan wrote. “What a horrible, warped version of love this family has.”

Jim Bob and Michelle didn’t mention the church specifically. The IBLP was founded in 1961 by Bill Gothard. The Duggars made it famous on their reality series, 19 Kids and Counting. The super-conservative Christian organization wants to keep families and teenagers away from popular music, entertainment, and other things that normal people experience.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with fans that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have a warped view of love? Sound off below in the comment section. As always, check back for more Counting On spoilers, news, and updates.

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