Love After Lockup Spoilers: Why Did Michael Simmons Get Arrested Again?

love after lockup michael simmons arrest

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal that fans are curious to find out more about why Michael Simmons was arrested again. He was arrested back in March in Miami, Florida and then was charged with two different felonies. It turns out that the reports have just come out publicly on why he was arrested. We have some of this information to share.

What Happened?

During the day in question, it turns out that Michael was arrested on March 16. The Hialeah Police Department “received a call from a complinant stating that a husband and wife were arguing in front of Big Daddy’s Liquors.” When the caller pointed out the couple, they said that Michael was wearing jeans and a purple shirt. According to the report, the woman that was with him was Maria, who is the mother of one of his children. She was in blue jeans and a pink top.

When a police officer arrived, they were, in fact, arguing. When the officer began to talk to them, they noticed that Michael was “agitated”.This officer then asked them to “sit down by the fence.” When the officer asked Michael to calm down, he said, “Do you want to kill someone today? Because I am leaving so if you are going to kill someone, kill me.”

The Police Report

When the police report finally came out, it stated that Michael did not comply with the officers at the scene. When he didn’t cooperate, another officer tried to restrain him and they were finally able to handcuff him. The police report stated, “The defendant then began to stand up as the officer gave loud verbal commands telling the defendant to sit back down. The defendant failed to comply with the officier’s lawful commands, so the officer attempted to detain the defendant.”

He was charged with a “felony count of battery of a police officer and a felony count of resisting an officer with violence to his person.” Michael has a plea set for June 6. According to the Miami-Dade County records, there was “no action on the battery of a police officer charge.” However, there is an open charge for resisting an officer with violence. It is unclear right now if Maria was arrested or charged for the domestic dispute, but as of right now, it looks as if it was just Michael that was involved with the argument with the police. We will continue to keep an eye on Michael’s case as it develops. Hopefully he or Maria will share a statement on social media.

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