LPBW Spoilers: Did Matt Roloff’s Kids Earn Money From Show?

LPBW Spoilers: Did Matt Roloff’s Kids Earn Money From Show?

The Little People, Big World spoilers have fans wondering if Matt Roloff’s kids earn money from the show. The Shiny Happy People docuseries has viewers thinking about the other families on TLC. Fans blamed the cable network for the way they handled the Duggars, especially when it came to their kids not earning anything from their appearances.

LPBW Spoilers: Does Matt Roloff’s Kids Earn Money?

According to the Little People, Big World spoilers, fans wonder if Matt Roloff’s kids earn money. The Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets has everybody thinking about the Roloffs and their situation. Fans wonder if they’re the next family to get exposed.

Some fans had to wonder about their financial situation. It’s obvious that Matt Roloff is responsible for the finances of the family, especially when it comes to the show. It’s like how Jim Bob Duggar was responsible for the family’s production, finances, and contracts. Some wonder if Matt’s kids earn a living from Little People, Big World.

One fan took to the Little People Big World subreddit to speculate about this. A user named PyschoTink started a thread titled, “Shiny Happy People got me thinking about LPBW and money.” There’s a segment in the docuseries that breaks down the show’s contract and financial compensation. Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids ended up with nothing.

“So, knowing how tight Matt is with money, and how often he ran out of money doing projects, I wonder how the money was dispersed in their family, and if the children had their own contracts after 18,” the user said.

LPBW Spoilers: Did Matt Roloff’s Kids Earn Money From Show?

Little People, Big World Kids Spoilers: Is Matt Roloff Too Stingy?

The Little People, Big World spoilers suggest that Matt Roloff is too stingy with his money. Fans took to the subreddit to react. Most of them believe that his kids earned a living from the show. He didn’t collect their income like Jim Bob did.

“Jeremy said he used his LPBW money to pay for college,” one fan wrote. However, Audrey Rolloff claimed she and her husband Jeremy never received compensation. Some don’t believe her. They think the real reason why they don’t get paid is because of the things she says about the show.

Another fan noted that Jacob refused to sign a contract when he turned 18 years old. Also, since the laws are different in Oregon, Matt Roloff had to pay his kids their share. He couldn’t keep that income from them. The laws in Arkansas made it possible for Jim Bob to quietly tuck those earnings away.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Matt Roloff’s kids earn an income from the show? How do you think the contractual agreement worked out? Sound off below in the comment section.

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