Married At First Sight Season 16 Spoilers: Clint Gets Sucker Punched By Nicole – Did Dr. Pepper Set Him Up?

Clint Webb

Married At First Sight spoilers and updates tease that since Christopher Thielk and Nicole Lilienthal have said yes on Decision Day and gone off to buy furniture for their new place, the rest of the cast has divorced, some are keeping it chill for the time being, but others are jumping head first back into the dating scene.

Airris Williams admits that he has had sex post-Decision Day, but he’s not actively dating. Jasmine Secrest is back to dating, and she already has been spending a lot of time with a special friend from college who “is” attracted to her. Mack Gilbert was sliding into Gina Micheletti’s DMs while she was still married to Clint Webb, and since they have gone on a date, and plan to not stop there, even though he is moving out of state. Domynique Kloss has her sights set on Gil Cuero from season 13 of MAFS and she is already sliding into his DMs. Shaquille Dillon and Kirsten Grimes are not dating yet, and both look like they regret asking for a divorce, but they seem like too little too late.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Clint Dating

Clint told the other husbands that he has already had sex post-Decision Day and he had a blind date booked with a girl named Nicole. Fast forward to the first day, the two seemed to be getting along well until they sat down to enjoy a drink and Nicole made the same dumb similar comment that his ex-wife Gina made, that “gingers” were a deal breaker. The crazy thing is, Nicole sounded scripted when she said it and that set off alarms with MAFS fans. A little digging by some crafty MAFS fans and they pulled a video of the MAFS Matchmaking special where they had seen Nicole before. The photo has Nicole and Dr. Pepper in the photo, she was an applicant for MAFS season 16 and was not chosen to appear on the show. Clint said that his friends set up the blind date, but MAFS fans are not buying. It is pretty obvious that either MAFS production of Dr. Pepper set up this blind date, but the crazy thing is, Clint obviously had no clue that Nicole was going to make the “ginger” comment because he looked like he was sucker punched.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Another Staged Date

This is not the first date that MAFS has staged and fans really shouldn’t be surprised. Putting the date aside, the whole “ginger” comment was really horrible and not fair to Clint. MAFS fans don’t like it, “I guess Dr. Pepper is the person who set him up on his blind date. I wonder if the date got paid extra to say she doesn’t like redheads, “ and “This!!! Like you KNEW that comment was totally scripted, and the person stolen from the application line. OMG this just gets dumber and dumber,” and “I KNEW the part about his friends setting him up was a total LIE… it was a produced fake date. I’m so mad about that date. They did that to him. !!!” and “She was definitely told to say the “redheads are a dealbreaker” because this wasn’t an actual date in the first place.”

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