Married At First Sight Season 16 Spoilers: The Infamous Date Finally Happens – Hank And Duchess Bond

Gina Micheletti

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that with the exception of Christopher Thielk and Nicole Lilienthal, all the couples are trying to move on back, to single life; Airris Williams and Jasmine Secrest, Clint Webb and Gina Micheletti, Mack Gilbert and Domynique Kloss, Shaquille Dillon and Kirsten Grimes.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Leftovers

MAFS fans know that Mack was sliding into Gina’s DMs while she was still married and living with Clint. And, during a post-Decision Day lunch, Nicole butt in and asked the two if they wanted to go on a date with each other. Fifteen days after Decision Day, the two meet at a café, and they start off with a hug. They both talk about their travels, then she says she doesn’t know much about him other than what the guys have told her and says likewise.

He is intrigued by Gina, he finds her attractive but he did have hesitations about the date. He is moving back to Michigan, he took an offer, but he is not opposed to moving back someday or doing long distance, it is only an hour and a half flight and he would be willing to give it a try.

They are in a café and are doing latte art together, they have fun and make a good coffee team. They sit down and she tells him he looks nice, he has the swag and he says she looks stylish. He says he is intrigued that she is an entrepreneur, and he is as well. She says when they all met at the airport, she did notice him. He says he was not as attracted to Dom as much as he was to her. He tells her that he just took an offer full-time in Michigan, and he will be back there Sunday night. She says it is a little bit of a bummer but it doesn’t scare her. She is not opposed to long distances, and they are both intrigued.

Married At First Sight Updates – Girls’ Day

Jasmine, Kirsten, Nicole, and Dom meet to catch up, go flower picking, and enjoy some wine. Jasmine is the one who arranged it. She tells the girls that she got a new apartment, and got a new friend boy who is an old friend from college. Dom says she had a Facetime chat with Gil Cuero who was matched with Myrla Feria in season 13 of MAFS, he lives in Houston. Nicole doesn’t think it makes sense, the one thing that Dom was a stickler for was that Mack didn’t live in Nashville, had no roots there, and neither does Gil. Kirsten says she wonders if Shaq is dating and back on the scene. Jasmine mentions that Airris has Duchess but she doesn’t think it will be happening much longer, just a one-time thing. Kirstn says Shaq was crying on Decision Day and she still doesn’t understand that. She admits she has a hard time processing her feelings and she wants a conversation with him about that day so she can put closure.

Elsewhere, Chris, Mack Clint, Hank (Gina’s dog), and Airris and Duchess (Jasmine’s dog) are at the park. Shaq is not there, his grandmother passed away and he is in Louisiana. Hank says he was on a date, and says it didn’t go too well because of the red hair, but he is going full throttle. They talk about sex after Decision Day and Hank says he has had it and it was amazing, passionate, and all the things you want in a sexual endeavor. Airris says he did as well. Then he says he is in a good place with Jasmine, and he thinks it will stay like that, her letting him spend time and bond with Duchess. Mack reveals he went on a date with Gina, and it was more than he expected.

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