Married At First Sight Season 16 Spoilers: Will Shaq And Kirsten Get Back Together?

Shaquille Dillon and Kirsten Grimes

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that Shaquille Dillon and Kirsten Grimes were matched and married on the 16th season of MAFS. On Decision Day, Kirsten was the first to give her answer, and she decided to say yes to staying married – she hoped that when the cameras went away the two would get closer and grow their relationship. Shaq was the second to give his answer, and through tears, he said no. In the preview for the upcoming episode, Shaq agrees with Kirsten that they didn’t have enough time to give the relationship a real chance and asks Kirsten, where do they go from here.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – A Hasty Or Thoughtful Decision?

Shaq says that he didn’t give the decision enough thought, yet he spoke to it with the other husbands and gave them all the impression that he was going to say no. The crying on Decision Day and expecting Kirsten to comfort him when he said no, showed his immaturity and if he wants to get back with Kirsten, should she even say yes? He didn’t give up the relationship when they went on an all-inclusive vacation together, or when he lived with her for 7 weeks and they had full access to experts and any therapy or counseling they needed.

Married At First Sight Updates – MAFS Have Fans Have A Lot To Say

MAFS fans are getting really tired of the long and boring season but they do have a lot to say about Shaq and Kirsten, “He’ll to the nah nah, Shaq you effed up when you told her no on DD, don’t even entertain the idea, she gave you the double finga!,” and “Kirstin was never attracted to Shaq. I don’t even know why she tried,” and “I’m happy the season is over and do not want to be subjected to any more episodes or post-season updates. Next!,” and “To be honest I think he’s a mommas boy and wants that in his wife. He’s needy but so is she but not to his level. I’m totally over them, the boring ass season,” and “He made a bad choice and is now regretting it. But he’s just not good enough for her. He wants a mom that gaslights him into thinking he’s a big boy who’s making all the calls.”

What do you think? Should Kirsten give Shaq another chance, and should we even care?

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  1. […] Clint made a comment during his honeymoon with Gina about his type being women who were more “slender and athletic.” Since that comment, Gina has been nothing but rude to Clint and never gave the relationship a chance. Gina has conveniently forgotten that she is the first one to have made a negative dig, she said that she was not usually attracted to “gingers,” and he is a redhead. Regardless of her comment, he brushed it off and didn’t make a big deal about it. Clint was a gem through the whole process, he got involved in Gina’s life, her business, and her dog Hank – he did everything he could to make the marriage work, while she checked out and didn’t put forth any effort. […]

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