Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Marcus Epps Makes Big Political Announcement

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Marcus Epps Makes Big Political Announcement

Seeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal that Marcus Epps has announced that he is running for mayor of Euclid, Ohio for 2023. He has already been a councilman in Euclid and this past weekend, he was proud to announce that he is going one step further with his campaign. He shared this on Instagram and let’s find out what he wrote and how his followers responded.

The New Post

Marcus wanted to share with his fans that he was running for mayor of Euclid. He wrote on Instagram, “Marcus is a family man who has a rich history here. He was an activist who served in many capacities over the years, is an elected official representing Ward 3 in Euclid today and is the BEST CHOICE FOR MAYOR IN 2023. GET INVOLVED!!! Send us a message to learn about the many small ways you can help us in our efforts!”

In another post, he wrote, “I am very passionate about my work as a public servant. I have not made many friends here at City Hall as a result!” One fan replied to him, “Let’s see what happens when you become mayor!” Marcus had quite a few likes to his posts about running for mayor and this looks like a very big step for him. This isn’t the first time he has run for office. In fact, he ran for Mayor in 2015 and ended up getting third with 17.41% of the votes. He did say he would run again in 2019, but waited until now.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Marcus Epps Makes Big Political Announcement

Epp’s and His Family

Epps and his family got a lot of hate when they were on Seeking Sister Wife. He and his two wives tried to find another wife to join their family. Marcus has a lot of children, has been evicted, and was arrested for domestic violence. His track record, when the research is done, may not be the best for a man running for mayor. In fact, it turns out that he may not even be a full-time resident of Euclid and does that mean that he won’t qualify for the mayoral role?

There are still a lot of questions about Epps and the role that he could play very soon in Euclid. We will continue to keep an eye on his campaign and see if he makes any other updates on his social media accounts. The amount of scandals that he has been involved in are pretty intense, but since he was on the show, could he get votes just from being on TLC? We will have to wait and see.

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