Sister Wives Spoilers: Why Didn’t Christine Brown Go to Savannah Brown’s Graduation? Was it Because of Kody?

Sister Wives Spoilers: Why Didn't Christine Brown Go to Savannah Brown's Graduation? Was it Because of Kody?

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that there are fans who are very curious as to why Christine Brown did not attend Savannah Brown’s high school graduation. Of course, there are fans who feel that she didn’t show up because she knew that Kody Brown would be there. Let’s dive deeper into why she decided to not go to this huge family event.

Savannah’s Graduation

Savannah was so happy to graduate high school this past week and her family praised her for being an outstanding student. Savannah is the daughter of Janelle and Kody Brown and she is 18 years old. Savannah shared a lot of photos of herself with her family during graduation. Fans couldn’t help but notice that Christine was nowhere to be found. However, Savannah was seen with Gabe, Hunter, and Gwendlyn Brown.

As soon as fans saw all of these photos, there were immediately concerned as to where Christine might be. Redditors decided to share their thoughts about what they thought. It turns out that there were plenty of theories as to why she wasn’t at Savannah’s graduation.

Where Was Christine?

Redditors shared a few of Savannah’s photos on the forum and began to get feedback from die hard Sister Wives’ fans. There were a few Redditors that pointed out that Christine more than likely just couldn’t go and that was why she wasn’t there. Another Redditor threw out the idea about tickets. They wrote, “I’m not sure how it works for other schools, but when my kids graduated, we were only allowed so many tickets. We would have to beg for an extra ticket.” Another added, “Let’s just keep it real here, people. Janelle is Savannah’s mother, not Christine.”

Sister Wives Spoilers: Why Didn't Christine Brown Go to Savannah Brown's Graduation? Was it Because of Kody?

The comments just kept coming in too. Another added, “Because the graduation was in Flagstaff, they celebrated in Utah right after. This would be my guess. I’m pretty sure that Christine just chose to stay home and then do some celebrating in Utah.” There was one more fan who theorized that Christine had something else in mind. They wrote, “She made sure that Savannah’s graduation would be all about her and not the family drama between the parents.”

Savannah’s graduation was such a wonderful moment for her and now she has a lot of life ahead of her. She has not mentioned college yet, but her fans just hope that she takes some time to enjoy life and not have to worry about high school any longer.

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