Teen Mom Alum Chris Lopez Denies He Tried To Kill Kailyn Lowry

Teen Mom Alum Chris Lopez Denies He Tried To Kill Kailyn Lowry

Teen Mom alums Chris Lopez and Kailyn Lowry shared a tumultuous relationship for about five years before ultimately splitting. Together, they produced two of her children, Creed and Lux. Recently, Kailyn opened up on the Dumb Blonde podcast about an incident that took place in 2019. Previously, she had shared details regarding alleged domestic violence, but this week’s episode revealed that she claimed her baby daddy attempted to murder her. Anyway, Chris was quick to respond, and he strongly denied the allegation. However, he did admit that he choked her.

Teen Mom: Kailyn Lowry Alleges She Feared For Her Life

The couple have a toxic relationship. Despite splitting, they still snipe at each other on social media. Actually, some MTV fans wonder why Kail can’t just get on with her life and stop reacting to him. Once, they had a public spat over body shaming. Although it was sent to her privately, she shared it on social media. Of course, that just escalated the problem. In the past, fans were happy that they split because she claimed he assaulted her. But now, some of them wonder why she keeps on bringing him up in her conversation. Ironically, it seemed that recently, they were working things out while they co-parent the kids.

Since the Teen Mom alums split, there have been rumors of a new mystery man in Kail’s life. Plus, there are loads of rumors that she’s not only pregnant but has a secret baby. One thing that fans can bet on, is that if she had a baby and expects more kids, then it’s unlikely that Chris Lopez fathered them. This week Kailyn opened up about the frightening incident where she claimed he nearly killed her when he choked her. Would you risk more of that by engaging in intimacy with a guy who allegedly did that to you?

Teen Mom: Kailyn Claims She Thought Chris Would Kill Her

In Wednesday’s Dumb Blonde podcast, Kailyn talked with Bunnie Xo. Explaining a whole lot more than MTV fans had previously heard, she detailed a scary situation. If it actually happened like that, then it’s no wonder she felt terrified. The Ashley’s Reality Roundup cited her as saying:

Chris had showed up to my house; we had this crazy situation happen. I literally thought I was going to die. I think the only reason why I fought for my life… he literally put my face into the couch and was just smothering me.”

Teen Mom Alum Chris Lopez Denies He Tried To Kill Kailyn Lowry
Bunnie XO / YouTube

Additionally, the Teen Mom alum claimed that she fought to breathe as her head was being smothered. However, she managed to turn her head andgasp for air.” Allegedly, at some stage during the confrontation, she managed to text a friend, saying,He’s going to kill me.”   

Chris Lopez Denies He Nearly Killed Kail

Teen Mom alum Chris took to his TikTok Live and The Ashley’s said that he denied he tried to kill her. Mind you, he did admit to the choking incident. Also, he talked about how he never beat her up. Not that Kailyn mentioned a physical beating during the podcast.

The outlet cited him as saying:

I ain’t almost killed nobody, bro. No cap, no cap…I never almost killed nobody…everybody was always, always breathing. They always had room to breathe…I never ever, ever, ever killed anybody.”

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