The Little Couple Fans Appreciate Zoey Klein’s Caring Nature

The Little Couple Fans Appreciate Zoey Klein's Caring Nature

The Little Couple family used to live in Florida and people who follow the life of Zoey Klein know that she used to ride horses there.  However, the horse-riding club closed down., So, for a while, she had to stop riding. Well, now that she lives in the Boston area, she has a pony again and she seems like a very responsible and caring rider.

The Little Couple Fans Saw Zoey And Will Klein Ride Horses

In Season 5 of the show, fans saw that the kids got the chance to interact with horses at Dr. Jen’s parent’s farm. While both kids got a chance to ride, Zoey developed a serious passion for it, which is why her mother often shared photos of her riding her favorite horse named Mozart in Florida. However, after the riding club closed, she couldn’t ride for a while. Now that she’s in Boston,  she’s back at it with a gorgeous little pony.

The Little Couple fans who follow Jen Arnold on Instagram saw that recently, she and Bill went to Spain for a break. There, they enjoyed the culture. Mind you, Jen really didn’t seem to like tasting sardines for the first time. They had a wonderful time together. Now that they are back home, she shared about Zoey and her little pony. Actually, at one stage, fans hoped that she would be able to keep Mozart, but this one is a different horse.

The Little Couple: Zoey Klein With A Cute Pony

It certainly seems like Zoey’s a very fortunate child. How many kids would love to have a cute little pony to ride and dote on? Furthermore, how many kids put up for adoption in India end up with such a wonderful life? On Sunday, Jen Arnold posted up a slideshow of her daughter with her pony. In her caption, she said, “A fun day caring for Shamus.” Shamus is a small horse, but of course, as Zoey’s a little person, he probably isn’t all that small from her perspective.

The Little Couple Fans Appreciate Zoey Klein's Caring Nature
Jen Arnold / Instagram

The Little Couple kid made sure to let Shamus graze a little bit and then gave him a good wash. Certainly, it seems that she’s confident and caring of the pony. Probably, she gave it lots of love as well because she seems like a very sweet child. TLC fans were happy to see the photos and took to the comments section of the post.

TLC Fans Comment

One The Little Couple follower wrote, “Aww I think that’s wonderful for her. Beautiful experience to be around beautiful horses. She looks comfortable.”

Another one said, “That is such an amazing place for her to ride. We live around the corner and know many kids who have learned to ride there! 🐎❤️.”

Of course, apart from talking about the horse, fans also wished that the show could return. But, it seems that’s unlikely to happen. Hopefully, Dr. Jen will start showing some videos of her daughter actually riding the pony.

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