Welcome To Plathville: Olivia Plath Weighs In On ‘Shiny Happy People’

Welcome To Plathville: Olivia Plath Weighs In On 'Shiny Happy People'

Welcome to Plathville was touted to be part of the Amazon docuseries, Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets. But that didn’t happen. Well, it seems that the Plath family was spared from what the Duggars probably watched in their own homes. Olivia Plath watched it, and she seems to have verified that the lifestyle described is quite accurate.

Welcome To Plathville Star Olivia Plath Watched The Amazon Show

Despite grieving for her younger brother Micah who passed away recently, Ethan Plath’s wife took the time to watch the Amazon Prime documentary. If you don’t know, the TLC star had been ostracized from her family for several years. She told her fans that it was because her parents would not allow her to see her siblings. As she explained, she had taken a different religious stance from them, so she was cut off. In fact, you might recall that Kim and Barry Plath did the same thing to Ethan and Olivia.

Counting On and Welcome To Plathville fans were triggered when they saw the trailer for Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets. Well, coming from a similar sor tof background as Jill Dillard, it also triggered her. In fact, even before the show premiered, TLC fans were enraged because they felt that TLC had enabled the abuse of children through the teachings of Bill Gothard from the Institute in Basic Life Principles, (IBLP). If they were triggered, one can only imagine how Olivia felt because she also grew up in a strict religious family.

Welcome To Plathville – Olivia Plath Grew Up As A Fundie

Taking to Instagram Live, Olivia said that she’s an “ex-fundie ex-cult child.” Much like the Duggar’s she was raised extremely strictly. People Magazine described her as “triggered” and that’s hardly surprising. For her, it was like watching much of her own life unfold before her eyes. So, she spoke out about it. These days, she’s not very religious, but she verified that living such a strict life was hard. She added, “I’m jumping on to say my experience, to be honest, was decently negative.”

Welcome To Olivia Plath Verifies Shiny Happy People Is Real
Olivia Plath / Instagram

The Welcome To Plathville star hasn’t often opened up about growing up fundie in a conservative family. But, she is now. Certainly, it seems that she is saddened but happy that other people are talking about her similar experiences. She said, “That was my life up till just a few years in the past. And just a little triggering to look at, but in addition, there’s solidarity in having different individuals converse up and say, ‘Yup, you’re not loopy. Occurred to me too.”

A Trip Down Memory Lane

For the Welcome To Plathville star, it wasn’t a happy trip down memory lane. Now, it seems that Olivia Plath would like to talk a bit more about her own experiences. One has to wonder if she was ever approached by the producers of Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets. But instead, it seems that she’s going to talk out via social media. She added, “There’s a lot of things I want to say about religion, about my past, about the world that I went right back into.”

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