Whitney Way Thore Gets Kudos For Fighting Body Size Discrimination

Whitney Way Thore Gets Kudos For Fighting Body Size DiscriminationMy Big Fat Fabulous Life airs on TLC and stars Whitney Way Thore. She identifies as a plus-size woman who is on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. The show follows her as she tries to overcome the challenges that come with being overweight, including societal stigma and health issues. Despite that, she tries to be upbeat and those who follow her admire her stand on body shaming. This week, she got some kudos on social media when she announced that she’s partnering to help end body size discrimination.

Whitney Way Thore Fights Discrimination

The TLC star has been through a lot in recent years, caring for her mom as she faced health challenges. While her mother, Babs, was in rehab and recovering from a second stroke, she gave Babs an extra dose of affection. Additionally, she stood firmly by her dad, Glenn, who deals with his bereavement. Unfortunately, Babs passed away, but those who follow her supported her during this difficult time. Recently, her followers were positive in their support of her latest partnership with Dove.

Whitney Way Thore remains single, despite dating plenty of men. Actually, a lot of critics think the My Big Fat Fabulous Life show has simply become a manhunt. However, she still inspires a lot of people who feel embarrassed because they are plus-sized. She often happily poses in a bikini, building their confidence. Actually, it must be terribly difficult to overcome social stigma and face such discrimination. Well, she’s done with it now and tasks a stand against it.

Whitney Way Thore Partners With Dove

In a recent Instagram post, Glenn’s daughter said that she’s challenging the negative connotations often associated with larger people.  So, she announced that she’s partnering with Dove. If you don’t know, they support the “Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA).” Additionally, they work with the “Fat Legal Advocacy, Rights, and Education Project (FLARE).” In her post, she talked about the many years of harassment she endured. Starting at the age of ten, she eventually developed “an eating disorder.”

Whitney Way Thore Gets Kudos For Fighting Body Size Discrimination
Whitney Way Thore / Instagram

Whitney Way Thore has had enough of people being treated badly just because they carry a bit more weight than average. She asked, “Did you know it’s perfectly legal to discriminate against someone on the basis of body size?” So she wants folks to sign a petition. Actually, it seems that the organizations push for laws to prevent that sort of thing. Naturally, TLC fans reacted in the comments of her post.

Fans Reactions

Most people responded positively to Whitney Way Thore for taking up the fight to stop discrimination. @pinkjade12 wrote:

Wow this is amazing! I am plus size and a burn survivor and i have always wished there were legal protections for people with physical or facial differences like scars, etc. Body size should also be protected! Protecting body size could bring us closer to protecting other things that are needed! Whitney you continue to amaze me! Thank you for bringing awareness to this cause.

Meanwhile, @comfyfattravels opined. Love to see this❤️.”

What are your thoughts? Do agree it is time for discrimination against plus-sized folks to end? Let us know in the comments below.

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