Why Are Fans Angry with Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth?

Why Are Fans Angry with Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth?

Duggar Family News reveals that fans of the famous family are giving out their fair share of hate lately. Not only is the family about to be under fire with the Amazon docu-series coming out about them, but Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth have been the target of many haters on Instagram lately. They just welcomed their third child and now it looks as if they are getting a lot of hate. Let’s find out why.

The Couple Celebrates

Fans began to start in on these two when they decided to celebrate their wedding anniversary just days after their third child was born. Joy-Anna shared a photo of herself holding her week old baby at dinner. Then she shared a picture of Austin looking very upset about not having his food yet. She was smiling in her photo and captioned the one of Austin, “Impatiently waiting for his food.” Of course, as soon as fans saw this post, they had to mention what they thought about his look.

As we know, Redditors love to start in on reality stars when they share parts of their lives and this time, it was no different. There was talk about Austin’s angry face, but the real issue that fans took with these two was the fact that they had their newborn baby out at dinner with them. They didn’t have any other kids with them, so clearly they had a babysitter. Why would they take the newborn?

Redditors Lash Out

As soon as Redditors shared this, there was instant backlash. One wrote, “Ok, but why are we taking our week-old newborn out in public?” Another added, “But Austin stayed empty-handed even when he was ‘impatiently waiting’. So why did Joy-Anna have to take care of the baby all night?”

Why Are Fans Angry with Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth?

One more chimed in, “I get that he’s a newborn but still, this is their special night and Joy can’t even fully enjoy herself because she has to take care of the baby the entire dinner.” One more added, “Just stay home, order in, watch a movie together, and try, Austin, to be conscientious of the fact that your wife just gave birth to another human being and is now nursing said human and might just be exhausted.”

From the looks of it, fans were clearly on Joy’s side, but did feel as if the couple really did just need to take the night get take out and watch a movie. However, if this is what they felt like doing, then that is all on them.

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