Collin & Hannah Gosselin Reveal Heartbreaking Childhood On Vice TV

Collin & Hannah Gosselin Reveal Heartbreaking Childhood On Vice TV

Dark Side of the 2000s premieres on Vice TV on July 18, and a few teasers already dropped that revealed Hannah, Collin, and their dad, Jon Gosselin appear in the series. If you don’t know, folks previously watch the edition about the dark things of the 1990s. The synopsis of the series “delves into the decade’s untold histories, revealing dark secrets and personal insights from the people who witnessed all the train wrecks and triumphs first-hand.”

Vice TV Series To Upset The Mom Of Hannah & Collin Gosselin?

Kate and Jon starred in TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus 8 before their very toxic divorce. The couple had Mady and Cara, the twins, and they were followed by the sextuplets: Collin, Hannah, Alexis, Aaden, Joel, Jonathan, and Leah. Unfortunately, Mady and Cara seem unwilling to respond to their father’s advances in friendship. Meanwhile, Collin and Hannah don’t seem to have much contact with their mother or their other siblings. Only those two kids live with their dad, and Collin had a particularly sad early childhood.

Fans already heard that Collin is off to join the military as a career. Actually, TLC fans who used to support Kate now swing over in support of Jon who did a good job with Hannah and Collin. Probably, the fact that the kids open up on Vice TV about the way she allegedly raised her children will get Kate spitting. But, Jon always hoped that one day, they would be able to tell their story. Recall, Kate sent Colln away to an institution because she allegedly couldn’t break his will.

Vice TV: Dark Side of the 2000s Stars Hannah & Collin Gosselin

In the first trailer, fans saw Jon Gosselin talking. But new updates reveal that Hannah and Collin go deep in an interview when the show premieres. Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball shared the update on Instagram this weekend. In her summary, she explained, “Hannah accuses Kate of separating Collin from the rest of his siblings and not allowing him to play or eat with them.”

Collin and Hannah Gosselin Reveal Heartbreaking Childhood On Vice TV
Vice Tv via Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

In the Vice TV teaser, Collin Gosselin also opened up. According to him, he felt that his “misbehavior was no different to [his] siblings.” And, he didn’t “claim to be a perfect child.” Did you know that he wasn’t allowed to even play with his siblings and he had to eat by himself at different times? Poor Collin felt that as his mom was going through difficult times with the divorce, he was just “in the way.” So, he rationalized his mom’s treatment of him as being something “to take things out on.”

Fans React to The Heartbreaking Teaser

Vice Tv fans took to the comments. And, a lot of them feel angry at the way that Kate Gosselin allegedly raised her children. Here’s what some of them said on Instagram:

Jon was abused before he left and she needed someone else to abuse. I suspect someone else received her anger when he left. Kate definitely abused people in the family.

Heartbreaking. It says a lot about what a good hearted person he is by how he responded in this clip about his mother’s abuse.

This is absolutely heartbreaking. It’s one thing to discipline a child, but breaking their spirit is just unacceptable. You can still hear the hurt in his voice. He will carry this with him the rest of his life.

This doesn’t surprise me. It breaks my heart to listen and to read the caption. We always knew Kate is a vile human being. This coming from not only Collin but Hannah also confirms by belief that she abused and disposed of him because he wasn’t the perfect child that she wanted.”

What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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