Did Anna Duggar Move to Texas After Being Kicked Out of Duggar Warehouse? Is There Proof?

Did Anna Duggar Move to Texas After Being Kicked Out of Duggar Warehouse? Is There Proof?

Duggar Family News reveals that fans have started to worry about Anna Duggar now that there are rumors that she was kicked out of the warehouse where she was living with her seven children. Multiple news outlets reported that a source close to Anna was there when she got kicked out of the warehouse. Jim Bob Duggar and Anna apparently got into a huge fight and this is why she was kicked out. Now there are some hints on social media that she is living in Texas and closer to Josh Duggar’s prison. Let’s find out more.

Social Media Hints

When Anna’s husband, Josh, was arrested for possession of child pornography, he went to prison in Texas. Anna has been to Texas to visit him in prison according to records. Anna hasn’t been very active on social media lately, but she has appeared in some photos that her friends and family have posted. It appears that she avoids these photos as much as she can, but in one new post from Hilary Spivey, it looks like Anna is in Texas for good now.

Hilary, who is Justin Duggar’s mother-in-law, shared a series of photos on her Instagram account and this is what led fans to believe that Anna and her children are all in Texas. The Spivey’s are living in Texas currently and Hilary posted some photos from vacation bible school. In one of the photos, fans saw one of Anna and Josh’s daughters. Of course, this made fans curious about what she was doing in the photos.

Fans React

When fans saw her, they were quick to share their thoughts and ask questions. One fan wrote, “I thought you were SO PROUD of the predator you sold your teenage daughter to?” Another wrote, “Is that Josh and Anna’s daughter in the pink? She is growing up. Beautiful young lady like her mama.” Hilary didn’t bother to answer the haters, but she did get a lot of great comments from her die hard fans too. They applauded her family and the IBLP.

Did Anna Duggar Move to Texas After Being Kicked Out of Duggar Warehouse? Is There Proof?

Hilary and her family are very close to the Duggars and they have gotten a lot of backlash since the Amazon docu-series, Shiny, Happy People aired. Being close to the Duggars doesn’t seem to be the best idea right now, but it turns out that they are still standing by them and the IBLP religion. We will continue to keep an eye on the Duggars to see if Anna really did move to Texas for good.

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